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Do you like fresh salmon or does it have to be seasoned to death to be edible?

Asked by Aster (19407points) 3 weeks ago

Ashamed to admit I only tried it once and didn’t like it. How do you season it if you like it ? Or maybe you don’t season it.

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Fresh is best grilled to me, cedar plank with herbs on top. Frozen is marinated overnight for a tasty teriyaki. Also try it smoked, its really tasty.

Overcooking is the worst, fresh with five minutes or less on the grill is amazing.

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The best salmon I ever had was 1” thick crosscut slabs wrapped in tin foil with butter, salt, and lemon pepper, and cooked over an open fire.

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I like fresh salmon. I like raw salmon (sashimi, or sushi).

But it also matters how it is cooked, and not just the seasoning. Overcooked salmon can get too dry.

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I like it best with some kind of seasoning or a marinade. I had a recipe for a miso paste sauce topping that was really good.

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I thought fresh means not having been frozen.

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…or not canned etc.

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I like poached salmon. With a little bit of salt and pepper.

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I just put it skin side down in a glass baking dish and microwave for 3 minutes. The skin stays on the dish, and I flake the meat onto my plate. No herbs, seasonings, or sauces. I cook all my food plain.

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Cooked, raw, with capers or plain, I love samon!

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I do it two ways.

1. Just light salt, spray some oil on top, wrap in foil and bake. I use the pump spray oil, you could brush on oil, or use butter, or no extra fats.

2. Light salt on salmon, dill, salted thin sliced tomatoes on top of the fish and bake.

I often remove the skin first and fry salted skins separately. I don’t recommend that if you are just becoming accustomed to the flavor of salmon.

Not: baking won’t cause the house to smell like fish, especially if you wrap the fish. Although wrapping it gives it more like a psyched consistency. Frying the fish on the stove will make the kitchen smell like you were cooking fish.

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The best salmon I ever had was from a diner in Seattle that offered fresh caught Copper River salmon. It was a little bit fatty, but it tasted terrific without any seasoning.

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