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Have you heard that a root canal can clear up heart issues?

Asked by Aster (19413points) 3 weeks ago

This is hard to find but I heard it said by a doctor on Youtube. He said, and did not elaborate, that if a person has certain heart conditions or symptoms (including numb feet) a root canal can clear up the problems. Do you believe a root canal can do this?

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I know that certain dental conditions can result in lethal heart infections.

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Well. Teeth can infect the gum line. Then, if the gums bleed, the infection can certainly spread, through the bloodstream, to the heart… In other words, it’s plausible…

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Thanks Stan. Can you have a serious dental condition without pain? And thank you also @MrGrimm888 . This is all so frightening.

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Well. At least we have some medical understanding of the correlation, between dental /heart health. Such things, are understandably frightening, but we have ways of dealing with it. I hope you can take some solace from that.

Take care.

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