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Have writing standards gotten cheaper?

Asked by Dutchess_III (40366points) 3 weeks ago

I would be tempted to say “Yes.” However, I posted a question on a page called “1970s Do You Remember?” My post has gotten 1,500+ likes and 32 shares, smh.
It’s a pretty safe bet that the people responding are ~ in my generation….and I’m seeing as many grammatical and spelling errors, as well as a lack of reading comprehension in some, as we see in the kids today.

What was the amazing question? It was, “Do you remember cutting up whole chickens because they didn’t sell individual pieces?” I asked it not even 24 hours ago.

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If you mean have grammatical and spelling standards gone to the dogs I’d say yes. My grandson is a college student and spelled “laid” “layed recently . I’ve tried to teach him , “too two and to” and “their there and they’re” and with a 4.0 average he learns quickly!

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I think with the internet and texting, etc. folks the writing output of the average individual has exploded exponentially. There is a consequential sacrifice of formal considerations all around in the quest for comprehension through brevity. I’ve probably never spent more time writing in my entire life than the time I put in here.

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Yeah. Everyone noticed nobody cares. And why should they? Yesterday I wrote here for hear. No one slapped me for it (yet).

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Yes, writting standards am!!

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Funny. It has been my habit these past many years keeping informative and well-written news articles, hoarding them basically at my place of residence.

I can’t even write a decent essay and terrible at simple phrasing so collecting these articles is probably my desperate attempt in holding on to a past where people were more grammatically adept. George F. Will is one of my few favorite columnists.

I may not agree with some of his political beliefs but at least he articulated them in ways which makes me feel civilized. Unlike the orange buffoon playing President in the WH.

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I remember coming across some Reader’s Digest magazines from the 50s in a neighbor’s basement when I was growing up. I looked through a couple and was amazed at how LONG the articles were, and written at a college level.
By the 70s the articles were much shorter and the font was bigger and the writing was on a 7th grade.
Today, of course, it’s just sound bites on a 4th grade level.

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Loved reading Reader’s Digest in the 80s! Like mini-National Geographic magazines but more. That last page—-about increasing one’s vocabulary was fun. Forgot the title ( Word Power? Word of the Day? ) but I remember there’s a sort of a test and the correct answers are printed inverted at the bottom of the page. Lol

One Reader’s Digest article I’ll never forget——was about Gnomes. How they live, where they live. Those beautiful illustrations were too delightful and fantastic to be forgotten by anyone really.

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They are wonderful mags. I used to subscribe to them. But not so much any more. ;(
When I was a kid (high school) fir whatever weird reason I’d start with the last article and work my way backward…..

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^^Japanese style. : )

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Yes. There’s someone here with a degree in journalism and they don’t know how to spell definitely. They always write it as definately.

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