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IT Purchasing Policy -- Desktop vs. Laptop?

Asked by Dorkgirl (1496points) August 27th, 2008

Does your organization/company have a policy about which staff members get laptops and which get desktops? Is it based on the amount of travel they do, convenience, personal preference? Appreciate the feedback.

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well, since we have just a small organisation, we don’t really have policy’s on it, i have a laptop for example because i need it when i’m on the road, but i where to have said i needed a desktop, i would have had a desktop (my boss would say it wouldn’t be a smart move though, haha)

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where I wurk:

Design guys and Programmers get Macs, Programmers also get laptops (checking site/script compatibility, work from home etc.)

Customer Service and Accounting get PC’s

IT guy gets all of the above

It is based on who needs what. If all you’re doing as a Customer Service Rep is pulling up Data and reading it back to the customer, then a cheap PC will suffice. But if you are opening 2 gig images all day long, you’d get a kick Arse MAC

Laptops are also used for shows/conventions etc. (does not particularly belong to Jane or John, whoever needs it, uses it)

we had a guy who was using mac minis for a while (it was the best! funniest thing ever) then the scripts stopped running to we got him another mac mini…

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Rule of thumb. If the person works in the field & they require laptop, they get one. If they have a permanent desk in an office space, then they get in addition, a port replicator and a LCD monitor.
Executives who’s job involves travel can get both; workstation for the office and a LT to travel.
All personnel assigned to an office space gets a workstation.

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I am an accountant in a corporation. I carry a laptop because I have had to spend time on the road during my career with my current employer.
As someone stated, I have a port replicator on my desk, a 24 inch LCD (I sign purchase orders so I get to order what I want), bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

I use the laptop at home to catch up on work occasionally.
I never enjoyed synchronizing the desktop and the laptop, seemed like a pain in the bottom to me whenever I tried that. It might be easier now with USD sticks and the internet but I am too committed to my current situation.

I am looking at an ever lighter machine from Acer that seems to be really inexpensive and I do not need a lot of firepower on the machine itself as most of my work is spreadsheets and Powerpoint lately.

My rule is that anyone who is going to travel, even 10%, gets a laptop and port replicator although I have been persuaded to give desktops to new employees who insist.


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