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How to ease the anxiety and the embarrassed feelings?

Asked by Gideon2017 (644points) August 27th, 2019

I have been perplex for years thay the embarrassing and awkward stuff always emerge out of my control in the night, therefore I cannot fall asleep less than half even one hour. Every time after closing my eyes, all the embarrassing moments and memories rush into my mind, such as mistaking somebody years ago, a failure joke last month, even a silly question I have mentioned last year in Fluther.
Is there some suggestions to overcome the disorder or at least alleviate such situation?

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Juat desire a wonderful sleep

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Do at least one good thing for someone per day. Go beyond simply holding a door for someone. Soon your negative thoughts should transform into positive ones. This will also invite others to do positive things for you which will drown out your previous awkward thoughts.

Or, you could do nothing and invite the demons in. Then you’ll live a life in the dark.

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We all bring something different to the table of life, you just have to accept that you are you, with your own quirks, hopes, dreams and yes, even mistakes.

If you are happy with yourself, then who cares what randoms think?!

And I agree with @Mastema, helping others can really boost your self-love and raise your self-esteem. Being part of something larger than yourself is fulfilling for many people.

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Find something else on which to concentrate!!! When I was young, we were told to count sheep when we couldn’t sleep. As silly as that sounds, it works. As I’ve gotten older, I’m having problems going to sleep, I’ve found that counting sheep makes me think too much which keeps me from going to sleep; so, I argue with myself until I get bored & go to sleep just to keep from having to listen to myself!!! When I think a negative thought, I immediately counter it with something that I’ve done right. Sometimes I do nothing more than repeat the word “sleep” over & over in my mind until my brain simply gives up & goes to sleep.

I have found that we are more critical of ourselves than others are critical of us; so, drown out those thoughts with better thoughts!!!

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Try meditation; that is, look in to it, read about,it, watch some videos on it, and then try to integrate it in your going-to-bed routine.

Thoughts are just that, thoughts.
They’re not the reality.

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Learn to laugh, really, life is one long arse joke. Create your own punchlines, be self deprecating but only in a way that makes you feel better because hey…we all got flaws.
Seriously, everything feels better when your heart is light, trust me.

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Maybe try the opposite of avoidance… imagine the scenarios that you are thinking of and then exaggerate them to ridiculous degrees. Make your behaviors that seemed embarrassing so large and implausible that it becomes funny.

Let’s say you tripped last year in front of a friend. Now you trip in front of the whole executive board of your company. And you smash your nose right off your face. And blood is pouring everywhere and rains on them. And then they pull out their umbrellas and all of the umbrellas have a picture of your face on them. And…

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Funny quote “I used to care what other people thought of me, until I tried to pay my bills with their opinions.”

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Very appreciate it. I did read every advice and I realize that I just need to let it go. I will have a try tonight. Thanks you.

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If it interferes with your sleeping that much, I suggest you seek some counseling.

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They call it insecurity. A stint in the marine corps will either cure you or assure you access to the counseling birdie astutely diagnosed as required. Have you been following the gun debate here? How many people do you imagine are nagged by problems such as yourself until they arrive at the conclusion, “if I can’t sleep, what right have they?”

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three years ago one night I told my wife that I fear the moment when almost fall asleep, feeling like experiencing death with little consciousness, or flying along a cliff edge. Since then, sleeping seems more difficult and cannot get rid of the feeling of fear. @stanleybmanly It is so called the insecurity I guess.

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Fear is a liar. Fear almost never tells the truth.
Fear will tell people that sleeping is dangerous.
Fear will tell people to not trust their friends.
Fear will tell people that monsters hide under beds.

Don’t trust fear. Trust research, and experience.
Fear wants your sanity. Never give in to fear. Treat fear just like any liar, thieving, monster.
Fear has no power if you take that power away, and make yourself the master.
Tell fear, “I know you. You have lied to me. You have tried to take from me. Your shadow makes you look big, and frightening, but I see you in the light now, and you are nothing. I send you away with a puff of my breath. Go, fear, and never return.”
You can do this. I believe in you.

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Thank you very impressive.

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