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What is your favorite art ?

Asked by gooch (5739points) August 27th, 2008

Photo, painting, sculpture, etc. (be specific provide a link to a picture if you can) I love nature photos and paintings…my wife painted my avatar its my favorite!!

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Gooch, wow, your wife did a wonderful job there! I love paintings, sculpture, add art, I started out liking Van Gogh, Dali, mostly the post impressionist. Then I moved into Picasso, Albrect Durr, . . I love Georgia O’Keefe and Andrew Wyeth. I saw Andrew’s painting in a library when I was in my teens and it was the 1st time I had a physical reaction to a painting. It stabbed me. I love art deco and Neouvo. Sculpture, I love Giovannei Pisanno, Michelangelo, of course, and today’s Lyman Kipp, and Eva Hesse. But if you can’t already tell, I’m a bit of an art whore.

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@ seeker can you link to a favorite. I want to see peoples favorites.

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Less than a year ago I began to get into Francis Bacon’s paintings. Although i can draw/paint a bit, my medium is photography, but I find much inspiration in his work .

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No offense to anyone, but the naked human female, and the leaves changing colors in Autumn in Vermont, are the most beautiful artisitic renditions I’ve ever seen, and in both cases, GOD is the “artist.”

Nobody creates art, better than The Almighty.

August 27, 2008, 9:23 PM EDT

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Yep, Mother Nature can’t be matched.

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@Bronx what do you photograph….nature, people, or other

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on my wall, although nowadays it’s hidden behind the videogames and dvd’s

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I discovered Jacob Riis in my 8th grade history class and was hooked.

I can’t remember how I was introduced to it but John William Waterhouse is one of the first artists whose art I could identify.

I’m also a biiiiiiig fan of fantasy art, like:
Michael Whelan
Ciruelo Cabral (my calendar is a day-by-day of his dragon art)
Alan Lee
Brian Froud
Jonathon Earl Bowser

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Sure here are two fav’s of Van Gogh
Van Gogh’s chair:

Gauguin’s chair by Van Gogh:

_It is probably the psychology that draws me to Van Gogh and these paintings in particular [Psych Major]. it was 1885 and Van Gogh and Gauguin were room mates. Van Gogh’s chair is simple, light, not ornate. On it there is tabacco and a hankerchief. A worker’s chair, working class, like he saw himself. Gauguin’s is more ornate, padded, with a candle and a book…
Dali== He saw the unseen, the twisted and that appeals to me.

Picasso—I have never seen faces the same since him. My face for instance is not perfectly even…one eyebrow is higher…Picasso saw this and accentuated it. I love that about him. I also love his Blue Period. He was really poor and a bit sad during this time and it shows. Although most of his paintings show he never really was happy.

Georgia O ‘Keefe: some of her paintings are quite sensual.\
Durr. I found him in Germany. he had the ordacity to paint a self portrait of himself full face at the canvas==which WASN’T DONE in that day. Full face was only for Saints and JC. I love that about him.

The painting that stabbed me. I still love it. I own a wonderful print and it’s hung in all my houses. It’s a great tool for a psychologist too!

Sculpture: Lyman Kipp. I just like the strength I see in these forms.

that’s all I can do for now…It’s past my bed time…

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Anything and everything Antonio Gaudí. That covers architecture and furniture making. When it comes to painting Van Gogh is the master. Nobody came close when it came to capturing texture. I swear I can see his wheatfields move.

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Visual. Whether it’s drawings, paintings, photos or sculptures – and I don’t have a favorite artist as such, but recently been quite taken with Giles Norman‘s pictures.
Some of my favorite shots that I’ve come across…

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@gooch – Abstract, still life and portraits fine art, byproduct of my street photography.

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i’m not partial to any medium but i lurve art that articulates a reality i feel or want to feel better than i could (louis armstrong/miranda july/woody allen/oscar wilde) or exposes a corner of the universe that surprises me.

also in my mind the facilitation of interaction is art (jazz/web/questions…)

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