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Just wondering if cell companies deleted the phone, on smartphones would people actually miss it?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (20602points) August 29th, 2019

It can still do all the other wonderful stuff everyone loves, and you can still text till the cows come home.
You just can’t use it as a phone, think most people would actually notice?

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I would miss talking to family.

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I have a house phone which I don’t actually use now but I pay for it, so it’s there if I want to return to using it.

I could survive with texting and not calling on the cell. I talk on the work phone if I need to and the home phone (as described above), if I wanted to.

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I still need to talk for business, activate a new bank card, etc…so yes, we need to keep it.

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911 emergency services don’t take text messaging right now. So I still need a phone.

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I’m sure a lot of people wouldn’t. I just have an old flip phone for when I am out and truly need to call someone or text. But generally I use my landline for calls.

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^^^^^Me too!!!

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The phone capability is the ONLY reason I have one!!!

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My father is going blind and he’d prefer to hear my voice anyway. We need to speak to each other.

I don’t have a landline and neither does he.

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Yes. I would notice if I couldn’t call someone.

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Businesses would have a problem.

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Gosh. I haven’t had a landline phone for….15 years now? But I did port my landline phone number from 1995 to my cell phone.

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I still think I mostly prefered the situation where all phones were land lines, and calls were not tracked by computer.

I don’t like the expectation that I will be reachable at practically any time and in practically any place.

I also don’t like having their be an automatic record of everyone’s exact phone calls.

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The phone is essential for me. I rarely text people. It’s obnoxious, inefficient, unable to communicate tone/emotion, and soulless.

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You just described a $50 Kindle Fire. It cannot make calls but it can do almost everything else when connected to WiFi. (Actually it probably can make calls VIOP but I don’t use that. )

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@LuckyGuy Can you send text messages on it though ?

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@anniereborn Through a messaging application.

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@anniereborn Yep. Like @ARE_you_kidding_me said.
Or you can send a text through your email.

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@LuckyGuy Is there a way to send a text through my email on my PC ?

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There used to be @anniereborn. Not sure if you can still do it.

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anniereborn If the person has a Verizon phone try sending to their “phone number”
Example: ”"

Other carriers have different rules.

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I only use my mobile when away from home too. More and more people seem to be recognizing what they lost when they gave up a truly secure and private way to communicate. I was shocked when people readily gave up security for mobility. The masses are so easy for advertisers.

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Why are you shouting @LadyMarissa?

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@anniereborn It’s not just Verizon phones that you can send texts via email. Just call your carrier to find out the “routing” number (for lack of a better term.) It might be on their website too.
For example, my carrier is US Cellular. To text myself or another US Cellular customer I send to

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Or…send a text to your email. It will show you the “routing” number.

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