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What are fun and very easy to prepare foods for barbecue?

Asked by mazingerz88 (25697points) August 31st, 2019 from iPhone

Simple recipes for barbecuing whether it’s fish, pork, beef, chicken and veggies. And tips on how to bbq them properly would be awesome.

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St Louis ribs put some rib rub on and and cook for 5 or 6 hours a 235* F on your smoker/BBQ.

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Corn on the cob.
Soak in the silks all night, bbq next day in silks about an hour.

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Foil packets are your friend. Easy to cook stuff on a BBQ, and easy to clean up.

Here are 20 foil packet recipes:

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Grilling or barbecuing? I’m assuming you mean grilling since you mention veggies.

Steaks I like to rub on the good seasons Italian dressing from the packets. I rub it on dry, and then grill. You can add some oil to the meat if you want.

Shish kabobs—you can buy the wooden sticks really cheap at the supermarket. Marínate the meat, or just salt, cut in cubes, large pieces of onion, bell pepper, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes.

Pound or chicken breast and marinate in mojo, or your favorite marinade, and grill.

Grilled asparagus is really good. A little olive oil and salt, and grill.

Pork tenderloin, marinate in soy sauce for an hour or longer, then grill to medium well.

If you mean slow cooked barbecue, then pork ribs, salt well, and cook according to direction. Check google, I don’t know the timing for pork ribs.

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Marinate chicken parts overnight in the fridge in a ziploc bag, then grill them.

Marinade ideas:
Simply pour in a bottle of vinaigrette dressing
Soy sauce, oil and ginger
Oil, vinegar and mustard

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Just cut up vegetables and cook in a SS basket on the grill. When done toss in a little olive oil. Perfect with a medium-well ribeye.

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Foil packets are your friend.

Ooooh!! I was cooking with a friend and mentioned a childhood memory of my dad making potatoes and onions in foil on the grill.

She said “let’s do it!” and we did. Super easy, so good.

Dice potatoes and onions.
Toss in a bowl with little oil, salt & pepper
Fold in foil packet
Grill & eat!

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