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How would you break down your knowledge in everything?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (16989points) August 31st, 2019

I’ll start:
I have a high school diploma.
I have three years of post secondary education.
comprised of one year of business and office
administration, and two years of liberal arts from a university.
I know the rules for sport in in a couple of sports.
I have a drivers learners permit, but might lose it from failing a test so bad
that I got a full refund and a follow up
I know some domestic skills like shopping , cleaning and weaving.
I remembered most of my classmates names from grade 3 on.
I had first aid training and wilderness first aid training before it expired.
I can program in Basic and QBasic.
I can speak French, but I am not fluent in it.
I have martial arts and sword and dagger training.
I can play the trumpet.

That is a good start for now.

What about you?

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I wouldn’t even try, because that would define me based in the 20 things I put on the list.

I am much more complex than the sort of list you wrote. And the list you wrote is more a list of things but it tells me nothing about you or your personality or intellect.

Making such a list is simplistic.

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@elbanditoroso Just having fun. Like the skill ranks in 4th edition of the Dungeons and Dragons character sheets. The list is supposed to start as simplistic and evolve over the question grows.

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I have knowledge of so many things as do most people, It would hurt my brain to try to sort this out.

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20% book smart
30% street smarts
50% dumb luck

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My “knowledge in everything,” would be difficult to describe. I would be more capable of having something specific to explain. Like when constructing a resume. Or if I were asked what I know about certain subject. You mention D and D, for example. That’s an easy one. I know it’s some sort of role playing game, but otherwise nothing about it…

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I’m curious about stuff, can do a wide range of things and am average in most all of it.

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I’m most knowledgeable in linguistics; that should be obvious from how adeptly I answer language questions on Fluther and how I stumble in many other topics :P

Second to that I would place knowledge of geography and history. Philosophy and literature would be next.

In math and the sciences I lag behind. Never been my area of interest, though it’s accurate to say I’m curious about all things.

I have a lot of trivia memorized that is of questionable practical value: prime numbers into the triple-digits, countries of the world and their capitals, counties of California and their seats, the U.S. presidents, periodic table of the elements, etc.

My knowledge leans toward the less practical. I don’t know much about cars or finances but I could sure talk your ear off about Sanskrit or Byzantine history. That said, I learn things quickly and add to my knowledge constantly. :)

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I know quite a bit about things of no major significance.
I know a fair amount about mining in general.
I was trained as a automotive technician and diesel engines and fuel systems.
I have a very good knowledge of WWII, including fighter aircraft of that era.
My dad was a bit of an old world cowboy so I know quite a bit about the old west and the life/customs thereof.
I consider myself an expert in the realm of proper gunplay.

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