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Can you help me find a link that shows the measurements of hurricane Dorian?

Asked by JLeslie (57636points) 2 weeks ago from iPhone

The diameter of the eye, and how far out the cat 5, cat 4, cat 3…winds extend out from the eye.

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The National Hurricane Center does this using a series of charts showing the hurricane now and how it is predicted to develop. It is updated frequently.

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They used to do a simple target looking thing. Not bunches of verbiage to read through. They don’t do it anymore I guess.

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They just did the target on The Weather Channel. I swear the governments or someone reads my posts on fluther or Facebook. I complained two days ago about the weather channel covering up the person doing sign language when the Governor was talking, s d since I complained they haven’t covered up the interpreter again.

I think I should be paid for my services.

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This one’s more unpredictable, than most. We really won’t know much, until it’s right on top of wherever it decides to go. An hour ago, it seemed that effects, of varying degrees, will be felt from Eastern Florida, to as far as New Jersey.

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@MrGrimm888 Are you evacuating? I don’t remember how close to the coast you are.

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I’m staying. No matter what.
I’m VERY close to the coast. I’m within less than a mile, from The Ashley, and Stone Rivers. Both are empty into the Cooper River, which is practically the ocean at that part, also right by the historic Charleston peninsula. The only good news, is that I’m now higher above sea level, than most places around.

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