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What should I do with the rest of this rotisserie chicken?

Asked by McBean (1703points) August 27th, 2008

I’ve had it as roast chicken. I’ve turned some into Chicken Tortilla Soup. I might put some on top of salad greens and toss the whole thing with a vinaigrette. But what else can I do?

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That must have been one mighty chicken. (Chopped celery, grapes, mayo or vinagrette and fresh dill – chix salad.)

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shred the remains and add it to the top of a salad.

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Chicken salad, chicken burritos.

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Chicken sandwich.

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White bread. Mayo. Salt.

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Pot pie? Quesodillas? Eat it alone as a midnight snack?

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pick at it.

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Check the package again. Sounds like you accidentally bought a rotisserie ostrich!

Either way, you can send it to me… I LOVE rotisserie chicken! (Never tried the ostrich, though).

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Feed it to your cat?

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Ooooh, and this probably doesn’t need to be said, but if you have dogs, don’t give them the bones. (Had a friend whose beagle nearly died after eating chicken bones. They splintered and cut his esophagus. The beagle, not the friend).

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Put the whole carcass in the crock pot, add a few cups of water, and when all the meat cooks off the bone, strain out the bones and skin. Add some noodles to the meat and broth to make chicken and noodles. Home made noodles are easy to make and you can freeze them, too. “Boughten” noodles aren’t quite as good, but surely will work.

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@greylady: “boughten” ... I like that word!

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Here is what I do.

Cut the chicken into bite size pieces, throw it in a saucepan with a can of undiluted cream of chicken soup, and a container of sour cream. Some people like to add mushrooms too. Heat it up and serve it over a bed of rice. Very simple to do, and scrummy. ;)

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EAT IT!!!!!!!!!

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WDLittle, we talk funny in MN. But, really, that is what we call things that aren’t homemade- that you had to buy in a store. It is probably an antique word for all I know!

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Chicken sandwich makes a great snack. That’s what I do with the WHOLE chicken.

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Greylady – if you guys use words like that all the time, I’m moving there! I LOVE interesting language twists! (My compliment was real… I liked the word). I guess I’ve got to get up north a bit more often (just not during winter). ;-)

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Okay, okay…I’m nearly out of chicken. I don’t eat much of it at a time. I have to remember that next time I’m tempted to buy another one. Usually, I get it home and immediately eat the wings. Then, for dinner, I eat a little sliver of breast. You see why it lasts so long? The cats are filled to the brim with chicken (no bones) and I’m getting queasy looking at the rest of it in the fridge.

Thanks for the suggestions. I usually don’t cook with cream of anything soups, but Tantigirl’s suggestion sounds good. I want something to “disguise” the meat a bit.

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[I want something to “disguise” the meat a bit.] Consider green food coloring. That will ensure that NOBODY touches it other than you! ;-)

Good luck!

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stirfry meat. ;)

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As usual check the Blog. I have lots of recipes there that use chicken.

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Throw it at cars!

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ok you probably already have the answer by now, but next time around, dice leftover pieces and set aside. cook white rice. dice scallion, cilantro leaves, fresh ginger and fresh garlic. stir-fry chicken pieces with all the abovementioned and add in rice, stir frying it all together. season with soy sauce as you “wok” this leftover meal. chicken will be savory because of it’s first life as rotisserie, but the oriental flavor will definitely come through.

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Chicken enchiladas.

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I’m not a huge casserole fan, but I make a wild rice casserole after we buy a chicken. We’ll eat part of the chicken, the I use the leftovers for the casserole. It’s great and very filling.

I’ve frozed the leftovers before and added the meat into the broth when I make Chicken & Dumplings.

White Bean Chicken Chilli…one of our favorites!!

Freeze it and use in later to make soup!

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I forgot about white bean chili. Love that.

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@ BarbieM – I do too!! One of my favorite foods!!! Easy to make, as well.

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Chicken Enchiladas!

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Please tell me that that chicken is now only a memory and not of ptomaine poisoning and stomach pumps. Question was asked 18 hrs ago and McBean had already made two meals of it.

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@gailcalled – oh, I hope so, too!

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It’s done. I couldn’t take it anymore. We put some on nachos (after seasoning it with strong chicken stock, green chiles, cilantro, green onions, and lime juice). It was still fine. I think. Let’s give it a couple of hours.

But now I know how to use up the next chicken I buy! You guys rock!

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Another idea if you are frugal, is to freeze the carcasses (w. a little meat left clinging) as you collect them. Then you can make stock with water, the usual veggies, dill, soy oil and 1 T. of white vinegar, which will leach the calcium out of the bones.

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yeah @gailcalled just remind me about all those carcasses sitting in my freezer that needs to made into stock. LOL!

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Chop the chicken up. Add to cooked pasta and add some basil pesto to it. (they sell it in a jar by the pasta sauce in most grocery stores) You can add mushrooms or any other veggies you like to doctor it up. This has great flavor and is a favorite meal in our house. Quick and simple.

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@cak: wild rice casserole sounds great – hearty and filling. I definitely see in in the fall and winter lineup!

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chicken panini

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maybe one of these: chicken tacos, chicken salad with walnuts and raisins, chicken enchilads, chicken pie, chicken and black bean burrito….I guess I love Latin food!! OH! how about chicken curry, chicken vindaloo, or chicken and rice casserole.

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this is what I would do:
butter chicken (Indian dish) or
chicken salad or
chicken soup or
chicken burritos

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