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What time of day , or what season, is it cheaper to fill ones gas-tank for an automobile?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (15047points) 2 weeks ago

Is the pressure and price of gasoline affected by temperature and atmospheric pressure?

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No, The price of gas is affected by supply, formulation, and external (international) events.

For example, the price of gas goes up during the summer months to make a cleaner formulation link and reduce pollution. It costs more for the gas companies to make this reformulated gas so the price goes up.

A couple years ago, there was a gas pipeline break somewhere in Alabama – on the pipeline that brings gas from New Orleans up to the east coast. The entire east coast was running out of gas until they fixed the line, and prices went up 40 cents in a day. Prices stayed high for two weeks.

Temperature and pressure have basically zero effect on prices.

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Winter blends cost less to produce.

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I got my gas today, after the holiday, for 20 cents less than I could get it Friday.

Always try to wait until after a major holiday, they raise prices for drivers, seems like.

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