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Do you like to argue about things you know nothing about?

Asked by Demosthenes (9601points) September 2nd, 2019

A lot of people on the internet seem to enjoy this.

I never argue economics because I don’t know shit about it.

I try to avoid subjects I know little about (though I may read the discussion to learn), but some people just have to be heard, even if they’re not so knowledgable about the topic at hand.

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This isn’t in Meta? Lol

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@janbb Lol. Honestly I was inspired by something I saw on a different site. I’m sure it happens here, but I didn’t have anything Fluther-related in mind :)

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If I really know nothing, I won’t engage or argue.

If I know something but am not an expert, I’ll jump in because it is fun to elucidate.

If I know a lot about something, I usually won’t engage because the stupid know-nothings that are ignorant are not worth my time.

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@elbanditoroso The know-nothings do often seem to be the loudest voices.

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@Demosthenes they make their own decisions.

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There are some who ask questions and then argue with people who don’t agree with their viewpoint.

If I have an opinion about something, or knowledge of something, I like to try to find an article and link it to back up what I’m saying. Not always, but often.

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No. I’m a big enough pain in the ass without upping the ante any more.

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If I know nothing, but am interested, I might ask some questions. I might point out where something seems inconsistent or surprising, but I usually also am very forthright with saying I’m ignorant on the topic. It’s not really arguing, it’s more like interest. Some people think questions are argumentative. Like the question is saying they are wrong. Rather than taking the question as the asker wanting to understand.

If I know nothing and it’s all way above my head I’ll usually not say anything.

If I know a little information, but not a lot, I might jump in with what I know.

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@Demosthenes “Do you like to argue about things you know nothing about?”

Quite frankly, @Demosthenes , it’s really none of your business.

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@Pinguidchance That’s no matter. Your answer will be apparent from how you post here. Everyone’s will, whether they answer it or not. That’s the beauty of this question.

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I don’t know what you’re talking about.

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Didn’t think so. :)

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That’s hardly an argument, nonetheless, I’m glad you agree with me.

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What I meant was that one doesn’t need to answer this question to show whether they like to argue about things they know nothing about; whether they actually do so in other questions will answer it. Nonetheless, I already indicated that this question was not an attack on anyone here. It was a response to something that frustrated me on another site, but it’s not a condemnation of anyone specific. I have been known to find myself in arguments that I’m not equipped to carry on with (for example, a recent question about gender and trans people, which showed me that I knew far less about the subject than I thought I did).

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