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My macbook somehow erased all of my address book. What do I do?

Asked by ezraglenn (3497points) August 27th, 2008

I have an iphone and now it too is devoid of contacts! I am flipping out!
How can I get my contacts back?

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Time machine would be a good place to look (if you use it).
Any backup of the full system would do.

I can’t imagine what could have randomly deleted the contacts, though… were they moved? Use spotlight to search for names, and other things you would find in the contacts: such as unique phone numbers.

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They’re just gone. I have tiger so I don’t use time machine. I searched for contacts and found nothing. I also opened ichat and it was as if I was turning on my computer for the first time- it was in setup mode or whatever.
I only backup documents. Would it be anywhere in my docs folder, do you think?

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The folder you need to look in is:
~/library/application support/addressbook

This is were all of your Address Book contacts are stored. (just looked it up).

If not there, then I think you are out of luck.

Hopefully, you have a backup of the personal library somewhere…

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Is this only your adressbook or other things on your mac aswell?

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Well my ichat is wiped too, but that is tied to my address book so it’s definitely related.

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Also, under app support there isnt even an address book folder.

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I can’t even imagine how that could happen accidentally. Everything else on your machine is normal? Do you use MobileMe (previously .Mac)?

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I would restore it with MobileMe or TimeMachine, provided you use either of these.

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I am in the same predicament – No folder under the application support or anything~ I belive myself to be a fairly good Mac person – and would never delete such files – So I am as puzzled as can be….Can a new folder be recreated? Or use one from another computer?
Any Help would be greatly appreciated!

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