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Is Teresa May (former Prime Minister of Great Britain) saying "thank god that's not my problem!" today?

Asked by elbanditoroso (27819points) September 3rd, 2019

Apparently the pro-brexit Johnson government – in office for a couple of weeks – has lost its working majority.

And Brexit draws nearer.

Do you think Ms. May is happy that it isn’t her responsibility?

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I’d imagine it’s a relief for anyone who is retired or out of office to no longer have to deal with all of the problems that the job entails. I also think that she probably wants what she considers best for her country and wants her country to succeed.

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Teresa May was against leaving the EU before being made Prime Minister. She said that if she was put in office that she would support the majority rule and get the job done. Thus, she became the PM.

The plan she put together would never have worked at solving the main problems, which is why every time it was proposed to Parliment, it was vetoed.

I suspect that she is probably somewhat happy to be out of that hot seat. On the other hand, she devoted her life to building a political career, landed a spot in on of the most prestigious roles in the world, and left it being loathed by most Britains.

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