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UK Jellies: How is Hurricane Dorian being reported in your country?

Asked by JLeslie (57628points) 1 week ago from iPhone

Is the news following the storm over the Bahamas? Do you have a weather channel that has been following it closely?

Does the British government and the Royals view the Bahamas and it’s people as Royal subjects to be looked after and helped as much as if the natural disaster had happened in England, Scotland, or Northern Ireland?

Have you heard any plans for UK charities and the Navy to help?

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Not much here in Kansas, but I’m personally staying on top of it because I have a relative on Amelia Island. I’m a member of the Amelia Island FB page, and someone started a Dorian thread, so I’ve been chatting with some of the residents in real time on that, trying to get a feel for how bad it is.

AH! I just realized this is for UK Jellies…...

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