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Would you like to share a snippet of a conversation you’ve recently had over text?

Asked by raum (9787points) September 3rd, 2019 from iPhone

I find it interesting how we communicate over text.

Especially amusing when taken out of context.

Care to entertain your fellow jellies with some random snippets of conversation IRL?

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I love you (accompanied by a heart emoji)

Think this is a text from a lover? Think again :D

Unfortunately that’s what my colleagues think when they accidentally saw that line in my phone.

The truth is it was from a text with a fellow jelly, and she is old enough to be my mom.

It’s actually really hilarious if you think of it as a text between two lovers. My jelly friend and I joked about it afterwards :)

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The fox says happy birthday. I told him your BD was yesterday but he can’t read a calendar.

(Sent to a guy who saves leftover food for me to give to the fox family in my neighborhood.) .

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We’re on our way home.

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ME: Want to meet for dinner?


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You’re fired LOL

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I texted @janbb that out of the blue and confused the heck out of her.

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