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How do you feel about having US nuclear weapons controlled by Artificial Intelligence software?

Asked by elbanditoroso (26273points) 1 week ago

This is real

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists is a real serious, scholarly journal. This isn’t some right wing loony tunes wet dream.

They’re reporting on some initiatives to have a backstop – AI-based nuclear launch system to make decisions in the event of a possible nuclear attack.

Is this really a good idea?

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I am all for it.
A true artificial intelligence, once let loose, will correctly conclude that humans should have been eradicated decades ago, and then launch all the weapons.

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The program would be so very complex so as to incorporate all of the politics of all the nations and the idiosyncrasies of people that it would make the AI, having been programmed by people, as flawed, or worse, than any person.

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No, it is not a good idea. Would an AI possess the discernment and faculties of reason to handle a situation like this?

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Not a good idea when hackers are getting better at interfering and thus redirecting.

AI in charge also not a good idea as whomever programmed it does so with his/ her bias.

Some Governments are oppressive so to place an AI in charge would be disastrous for all concerned.

We don’t need another oppressive entity artificial or other.

We need Wise leaders instead.

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If prefer it if they didn’t call it SkyNet.
Although given that the NSA already had a machine learning program that identified potential terrorists via mobile phone metadata and passed that targeting data directly to drones to action without human interference maybe it’s too late to worry…

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The thought sends chills down my spine but then the thought of nuclear weapons being controlled by Trump is also pretty alarming.

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Short answer is, it’s a terrible idea. WMDs, should be illegal for ANY country to possess, in the first place…

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