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"Indie" bands that use Violin?

Asked by shockvalue (5800points) August 27th, 2008

I’ve recently started playing again, and I’d like to find some artists slash songs to learn. Something like Andrew Bird would be great. There are also a few Rogue Wave songs I’m working my way through.

It’s so easy to find stuff for the guitar, but the violin is giving me the run around.

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placebo or flobots idk maybe indie?

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Does Dave Matthew’s band count as indie?

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Arcade Fire

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Devotchka, Bright Eyes (fiddle?), Arcade Fire…. I’ll think of more eventually.

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LOVE Andrew Bird, by the way
and Muse, but they’re not indie.

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Trans Siberian Orchestra, is on orchestra rock kinda thing they play beethoven and put a really neat twist to it, but i don know if thats what your looking for so just ignore it if it is not what your looking for

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Blue October…phenomenal violin/mandolin player, excellent music, wonderful twisted lyrics…a great rock band for several years finally being recognized as such.

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I also love Andrew Bird. I got to see him last year.

String Cheese Incident does some nice stuff including a cover a song that was originally done by Jean Luc Ponty. I’m not sure if you’d consider the Decemberists as Indie, but they have some nice violin stuff in some of their songs and make for a really great live show. I’ll see if I can think of more.

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They aren’t new or indie, Electric Light Orchestra had a violin.

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maybe Azure Ray. i know they have a cello song, so they might have violin as well but it’s a bit of a shot in the dark..
also, try nick drake, indredible string band, and woodfrog

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I think the decemberists do. if they count

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@Bri L, you’re right, track 2 of Picaresque uses violin as a backup.

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I second lefteh (as I do every time he gets to one of these questions first and types the answer that I would have typed!)

Margot and the Nuclear So & So’s

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Islands—they are from Montreal and are pretty awesome.

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Yeah, they’re rad. But The Unicorns were so much better.

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flobots, if you’re into that

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Decemberists have several violin songs; Vampire Weekend; Los Campesinos!; Belle & Sebastian; Bishop Allen (?); Camera Obscura; Spiritualized uses a whole bloody orchestra most of the time, to great effect; DeVotchka; The Frames; Lavender Diamond; Ra Ra Riot; The Royal We; Tarkio (well, fiddle)

amongst others.

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Nice catch on some of those, eponymoushipster.

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Dutch Holly has a killer violin solo in this tune:

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