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Why does a man do anything?

Asked by janbb (54951points) 1 week ago

As asked.

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Sex, duh. ~

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If a man encounters anything he asks three questions.
Can It kill me?
Can I eat it?
Can I NSFW it?
If no then ignore.

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For the same reason a woman does. To get it done.

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Because penis.~

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If it itches, scratch it.

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As a child, it’s to win. As a young man, it’s to win sexual conquests, and then it shifts to breadwinning. If he’s lucky at some point as he matures, it stops being about winning and becomes about self realization. Not every man matures to this point. Some never stop wanting to win. They are to be pitied.

@janbb James Joyce approves of this question. You owe nothing.

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With far more reasoning, and logic, than a woman… Vastly more predictable, as well…

Side note. This seems like a very odd question, for the Meta section. Further supporting my above response….

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To get to the other side?

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Waiting for the answer from the reason this Q was asked.~~~

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Because they can.

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@canidmajor Are you asking a question back or is that your answer?

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That’s my answer. I can easily guess what prompted the Q.

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Because they are hungry, horny, tired, bored, curious, itchy, irritated, frustrated, hot, cold, thirsty, feeling great, feeling terrible, squirrel.

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^So, by your response, men act on acquiring the essentials of life? Sounds logical.

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Sociologists refer to the four Fs:


These are the only motivations human beings have. Everything else is a sublimation of those things. Julian Jaynes argues that homo sapiens is a poor name for our species, because what characterizes us is certainly not wisdom, but rather our capacity for sublimating and transforming very simple drives into complex, abstract activities. So the desire for rutting becomes a driving need for the Amerikans to show the Russians their manhood is superior by shooting a giant aluminum penis at the archetypal symbol of the Female, the Moon.

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I can hear Kenny Rogers singing this question & it’s making my ears bleed…cheers ;-}

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(Disclaimer: I’m not a man, so this is not my expertise, although that could be debated ha)

Men, such simple creatures, I adore them-so much less work than women imo.

Like @MrGrimm888 and @SmashTheState said, I would have to agree with their logic, reasoning and even the four F’s.

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Because a man is alive.

I don’t believe in the four F’s. That works for just animals but humans do more than this. We also do things to avoid boredom, for curiosity. We do little projects for our dopamine hit. I’m a pretty harsh critic of evolutionary psychology.

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Years ago I dated a woman who said the best way to get a man to do something was to make a list.
Men like to cross items off lists. It makes them feel like they accomplished something.
I tried it. She was right.

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I make lists just so I can cross things off.

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^^ Me too.

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It is like you are all related to Liam Neeson

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The video contains content from HBO, who has blocked it in [US] on copyright grounds.


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Google for Liam Neeson Life’s too short.

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I’m too much of a procrastinator to cross off items on a to-do list. Hence, I made up a “done” list, and it only took me about a second to cross everything off!

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@filmfann that’s the dopamine hit I’m talking about.

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@Hawaii_Jake I like your answer, it’s true. The most liberating thing I have ever done is simply to let go. Let go of competition, regret, needing more and of needing purpose and validation. Once all that is gone you get to truly live free. People call me stoic because I don’t care about that stuff too much. They just don’t get it.

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Well. There’s a difference between young men, and grown men. Young men are more driven by conquest, competition, and physical prowess. As they age, they should change motivations, to better suit their decreased strengths, and take advantage of their experience/wisdom. Mainly, that involves less violence, and reckless behavior.

Grown men, as a whole, prefer a routine of sorts. Which seems to agitate females. Most male behavior, seems to agitate females. Just not as much as females agitate other females…

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To consume a milk-immersed honeybun.

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To prove that he’s not a worthless piece of shit that should never have been born.

Or maybe that’s just me.

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@cookieman That sounds really sad. Is everything OK?

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@cookieman you don’t have to prove anything to anyone. It’s not just you who feels that way but try and push that way of thinking out of your mind and focus on other things as much as you can. Please don’t do that to yourself.

@Hawaii_Jake Ever the caring gentleman and one of the sweetest souls around here!

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@Hawaii_Jake: Oh sure. Just been doing some digging in Therapy this last year that’s made me look at some things about my parents that don’t feel so great in relation to why I do certain things now as an adult — ifyaknowwhatimean.

@ZEPHYRA: I can appreciate that, and can get that logically. Just haven’t been feeling it much.

Thank you Jellies.

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@cookieman I can assure you I know exactly what you mean.

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@Hawaii_Jake: Sorry about that.

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Now I want cookies.

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I have that effect on people.

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I thought is was all ultimately for their grandchildren.

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