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Why do they call them safety pins when safety pins are not safe?

Asked by Nevada83 (814points) September 5th, 2019

You can easily prick yourself with one.

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It’s the holder end that makes it safe.

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It all depends on your point of view.

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Why do we call it Grape Nuts, when it contains neither grapes or nuts?
Sometimes the name is just the name.

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Safety pins are safer than straight pins. Both are used to hold fabric together. Imagine pinning a cloth diaper on a baby with straight pins.

That’s my guess anyway.

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Because the tip gets a little sheath, so you can not prick yourself with it.

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The safety is in that the point is shielded.

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I have never drawn blood with a safety pin; however I have bled many times while using a straight pin…I find safety pins to be much better than the non-safety varieties!!! IF you’re getting injured by a safety pin, you might want to do some reserch to see what you’re doing wrong!!!

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They are safe because the sharp point rests inside an enclosure.

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