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What does it mean when you catch your lover staring at you?

Asked by honeybun35 (622points) September 6th, 2019

I was riding with my male friend the other day. We were just hanging out as usual.While he was driving I was watching my reality show.
I’ve noticed every so often he would be staring at me. Even though he was driving I would turn around he would be right in my face looking. I was kind of shy.

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He’s probably thinking of putting milk in your cereal

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He’s realizing that he wants to marry you. It just never occurred to him before, in the 20 years that you’ve known him. Have you told him yet how much you love him? He needs to know so you can plan the wedding together.

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I means you’re about to crash because he’s not watching where he’s driving the car.

@janbb What does it mean if he’s really thinking of putting cereal in your milk?

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^^ Think he’s been reading the cornflake sutra?

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oh thank you so much ..

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Nose hair. Check your nose hair.

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I doubt he saw that from sideways

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I have to disagree with @jca2. I think he was realizing that it would take another 10–20 years of casual sex before he would be ready for marriage, and only if something better didn’t come along first.

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Means thank goodness you didn’t crash since he was not looking at the road.

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It says balls on your face.

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He’s thinking you’ve gotten really old in 20 years and it’s time for him to get a new sex toy.

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He could be a cereal killer milking the most out of the situation.

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Mayonaise on your face?

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He is writing a book about you and is trying to document whether or not he can drive you crazy.

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@chyna I was thinking a booger. He sees a booger.

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“ Does she know she has a tiny hair on the side of her nose? I can only see it in this light from the window.”

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Could you share additional information about his expressions?
Smiling? Frowning? Mona Lisa?
Relaxed? Tensed? Exuberant?
Thank you.

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He may be wondering why the two of you have put up with each other for so long. He may be thinking about popping the question or flying the coop.

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He may be thinking « who is this ditz I’m with?”

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“Why is she watching reality TV while we’re going for a drive together?”

Maybe he’ll post a question online someplace “What does it mean when my girlfriend watches reality TV while I’m driving her around?”

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Don’t forget while I’m staring at her

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He’s gone blind and doesn’t even know you’re there. He’s also wondering why spend so much time asking such stupid questions. He wonders if there’s no end to your drama!

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@Zaku, I like your answer best. He’s thinking “She bitches because we don’t spend time together out side of the bed, then when I do make a point of spending some time with her out side of the bed she does something else while we’re doing it. How long until she watches her reality tv in the middle of sex?”

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