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Are you a cross texter?

Asked by janbb (59198points) September 6th, 2019

I text a lot but lately seem to be responding to the wrong texta lot. Fat fingers or what?

Do you have a similar problem at times? Any funny stories?

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Ha ha ha ha! Not really but I loved this question.

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I mean, I look good in a pencil skirt & this may give off the wrong message…

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Oh, yeah, constantly! More than one convo is fraught for me, a few mishaps have worked out in spite of me. I have invited the wrong people to events, gone to the wrong house, been late for a dinner and early to a lunch.
I really need to pay better attention.

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No, I’m pretty careful.

I have seen others respond on group texts and not mean it for the group, but nothing terrible.

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No. I generally hate texting, unless it’s sharing pics/video, or something like a grocery list/instructions for a Chipotle order, where it’s convenient to have it all written down.

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Everyone needs to beware of the Bcc, too.

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No, I’m usually in a pretty good mood.

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I never cross text. Most of the texting I do is on FB and FB always notifies me about the specific people texting me so it’s easy to avoid mistakes. I mess up more in emails though. I have had several embarrassing experience with sending the wrong emails. Once I even sent a job application to a friend!

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“Once I even sent a job application to a friend!”

No problem- you’re hired! ;-)

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Yes and I really messed up once!

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@ZEPHYRA: Is it a funny story you can tell?

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Wait…are we talking about texting, which you do on your phone, or email and messaging?

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I wasn’t aware there was a BCC option with texting.

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I try to be really really careful, but I once invited the wrong friend and her husband to the symphony my treat. I really like them, so I didn’t mind them coming, but I really had wanted to treat the other couple who had never been. They two women have the same first name, and I sent the text to the wrong one.

People text and message me when they don’t mean to quite often. My first name is very common.

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