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What are some good skills and steps to live on your own and what is the next steps to living alone?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (15064points) 1 week ago

Not necessarily as a survivalist? Just wanting to be left alone? Humor and serious answers welcome. How much money and skills are needed? Fluther is OK I just want to limit my interactions with other people in real life.

Including money what is good to stockpile or goal to have, and how much?

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Also how much would you need to win in a lotto, or inherent, or earn to start this dream?

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What do you mean by “live on your own”? Do you just mean living in your own house/apartment/whatnot? Hundreds of millions of people manage that each and every day without having to win the lottery, inherit or to stockpile things. I’ve managed it since my mid-20’s and I have jack shit for savings or inheritance.

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Know how to cook, wash and fold/iron laundry, and how to clean a head until it is sanitary.
Get a decent vacuum cleaner.
2 million after taxes.

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@RedDeerGuy1 , Have you given up on getting a college degree and working as a psychologist? That is not a good profession for someone who wants to live in isolation.

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I guess it would depend on what lifestyle you wanted. Are you looking at living a life of luxury or just living? Are you talking about not working again or are you planning on working to make ends meet? Regardless, I think everyone needs to know how to cook tasty meals, clean a house including the bathrooms, make a bed, do laundry without getting bleach-streaked clothes and losing one of every pair of socks, and how to kill your own spiders. You should know how to change the oil in your car and in your hair. You should understand how to use a hammer, a screwdriver and duct tape.
If you want isolation, you have two options, depending on your definition of isolation. You either need to research an area of the country where cost of living is cheap and land is plentiful and relatively cheap so you can get a place with no close neighbors. OR you need to develop a personality that people say “He is just weird” or “He is such a prick!” so they will leave you alone.

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Depends on why one wants to left alone?

Example: I am working on a few projects with goals to have completed soon and don’t need chatty neighbors calling or turning up anytime.

I have explained to the social group what I am trying to accomplish and now they understand that I am not snubbing them, but rather have more important things to do.

Other times I am thinking on things from my past and present to better understand what happened and the why?

I like to delve into human behaviors and this is how I meditate on the issues and sometimes come up with a good idea as to the reasons that some people act the way that they do.

There are times that people should actually take time for themselves to determine there next goals, understand an issue, troubleshoot etc

No problem isolating oneself temporarily, but it can get unhealthy if prolonged.

So set a time limit say for example :

I will get out once a week, by going out for a meal instead of staying in .
I will go out to the library and look up subjects that I never read before.
I will if so inclined take photographs around my City/Town.
I will go out every morning or evening just for a breath of fresh air .
If I am bored, it means that you need to find another new engaging interest.

Take up a temporary short term Course.(example: NaNoWriMo writing competition starts
Nov 1,2019 in all libraries ( internationally as well).

Fall is usually when all the Summer activity ends and many are returning from vacations, going to work,school and some get depressed around this time.

At least there is some respite as the Tourists have all returned to whence they came.

Now I can enjoy the walk downtown with out tourists taking up most of the sidewalk.

Living isolated is not safe when an emergency requires immediate help. So living on ones own has its cons as well.

“No man is an island” comes to mind here.

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Note that there are people who like the countryside better than a busy city life.
Usually retirees move to quieter areas like cottages, or country homes.

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@LostInParadise Sorry I forgot. I don’t want to be a clinical psychologist , I want to write and create tests about intelligence and research into how to improve intelligence . I want to write books about emotional Intelligence and the 7 multiple intelligence’s and personality. The living on my own is just what I want to do with my living arrangements. I got panhandled at my door yesterday, and just want a place on my own to live. I can hopefully work online from home and live in a mountain house away from everyone. Both on and off the grid.

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@Darth_Algar I would like to have my own plot of land where I can be left alone and just read and rest. Maybe like a bunker full of good food and good books. I have my own apartment and it is the direction that I want to go.

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@all My question came after I watched a couple of videos on society collapse I liked the bit of energy that motivated me to care about my future. I won’t stop watching doomsday prepping videos at this time. Its my hobby for now. I will balance with cat videos and normal domestic food prepping for running my household. No more expensive granola survival food , for now, and more instant oatmeal for $5 box of 8 from the grocery store.

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@all I am not into canning and vacuum packing everything right now. I am just learning how to run an apartment, and saving money on food and for better food, like a good cut of steak.

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