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Which cat breed and dog breed do you like best?

Asked by mazingerz88 (23180points) 1 week ago from iPhone

And why?

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I love pretty much all cats though I tend to prefer them with fur and tails rather than the breeds without those. I can’t really pick any one breed, I like non-breeds, and they’re all individuals. If I have to name something, maybe long-haired tabbies and some Birmans.

For dogs, it depends on the specific animal more than the breed, I think. I’ve known quite a few lovely dogs of various breeds, and it wasn’t the breed that made me like them. Also dog breeds (and mutt mixes) are so different from each other they’re like apples and oranges in many ways, so not possible for me to think of one as best liked.

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I have a blue heeler/ black lab mix and I can’t think of a better dog.

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I was in love with Basset Hounds for years, then I had one for eleven years and, while she was sweet, I’ve cured my Basset obsession.

Currently have a Maltese/Havanese and a Mini GoldenDoodle. Love both those breeds.

I also like, but wouldn’t own, Dachshunds, French Bulldogs, and Boston Terriers. All really cute.

Cats? No thank you.

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Not much on cats these days, but I have always loved a good mutt. I have had many and most were a variety of breeds. Right now I like my Yorkie mix the best. I suspect he will be my last dog, though I could be wrong.

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Tiger and wolf.

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Basenji for dog.
Cats are fucking horrible bastards without exception.

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Love ‘em all. Really. Fuzzy critters are necessary to my well-being.

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I love cats and dogs but have never owned a dog, except for a short time when one had puppies under our shed and so I wanted to keep the dog but couldn’t because of my living situation. The few weeks that I had the dog with me were really fun. I wish I could have a dog now but we have cats and we’re out of the house for long periods so it’s not do-able.

I think mutts are great and as far as breeds go, I think little yapping terriers are cute and big shepherds and labs are nice, too. I never was a big fan of Chihuahuas. I don’t know. I guess if I were to get a dog, it would depend on the circumstances and the dog. My parents had Bassett hounds, which are very loveable and low energy, but can be stubborn.

As for cats, just the domestic shorthair is what we’ve always had. A friend loves Siamese cats. I had one once – she was very talkative and she was a real companion cat. She would hang around me and when I got up off the bed, she would accompany me to the bathroom or kitchen. When I took walks in the neighborhood, she would follow like a dog. It was fun.

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I like most all dogs, especially mutts. Not a cat person.

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I love Russian Blues for their looks, but have only ever really known European Shorthairs. I grew up with a tortoiseshell who was extremely sweet and calm. My parents raised her with a bottle and she was a lovely cat all around. Later, we had a bossy, demanding, very playful and fun orange tabby. He was not as sweet, but definitely a character and very special to us.

For dogs, it’s Labradors. I love their mixture of athletic energy and unflappable calm. Their low-maintenance fur is a plus, as is their joyful spirit. I love that they tend to be outgoing (which I am not), and that they love learning as much as I love training. I can see myself owning a Beagle someday, but I don’t think I will ever tire of labs.

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I seem to like chubby cats with round chubby cheeks. It could be because I like Garfield. If I get a kitten it might be American shorthair.

My last dog for 11 years was a beautiful Japanese Spitz. He never went willingly for his weekly showers but each time we ventured off by the river he was the first one to jump in there. Weird.

If I do get a dog, chances are it will be a Pug.

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All my cats have been rescued off the streets with only a couple being adopted from a shelter, so I’ve never had a fancy-breed of cat. Most of my cats have been the domestic short hair with 2 being a domestic medium hair & 1 domestic long hair (too much shedding to want another long hair). My favorite was on of the medium hair. He showed up at work one day & we became best of buddies. He wasn’t a pushy cat that demanded a lot of attention; while at the same time, he offered a ton of love!!! I had 1 female that was a short hair that lived for 22 years. She was very vocal & very pushy & still very loving.

Guess I could say that whichever cat I had at the time was my favorite.

With dogs, I’ve found that any rescued dog knows that you’ve saved them from a horrible life & work hard to say thank you!!!

I’ve only ever had 2 specific breed dogs. One was a Doberman with the other being a Toy Manchester Terrier. I was given a German Shepherd/Golden Retriever mix that was my favorite dog of all times!!! I don’t know that if it was because I adopted him or not, but he followed me every step that I took & was always ready to protect me if necessary. I really liked the Doberman as well; however, habving a Doberman back then was almost like having a Pit Bull now days. They had a bad reputation but were the sweetest dogs for their family!!!

Before moving away from my family, we always had the Heinz 57 variety where you had to guess who was the daddy as well as figuring out who was the mamma!!! They were always very good dogs as well!!!

The ONLY dog that I never liked for myself was a Chihuahua. I like other peoples…just not my own. It’s the ONLY dog that I ever returned!!!

Actually, this day & time, you can often find a very good breed of dog from a rescue shelter. I think it now depends more on how hard you’re willing to look!!!

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The very best dog we ever had was a German Shepherd. Lord she was smart.

Other than that, I’ve never had a specific breed of dog or cat. They’ve all been Heinz 57s.

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When I took my GS/GR into the vet for his first checkup, the vet said I couldn’t have found a better mix. He said the dog would be protective much like the GS & have the calm temperament of the GR. He was extremely mellow 99% of the time & ready to protect at a moment’s notice…yet he NEVER became aggressive for NO reason!!! I could ALWAYS trust his initial judgement when it came to strangers!!! ONLY drawback was he also came with hip dysplasia but he lived to be 15 y/o before I had to deal wsith it. He’s been gone abut 40 years & I still miss him!!!

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What is a GR? I assume GS is German Shepherd.

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golden retriever?

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Or maybe it is a dog breed, whose bark sounds like “you donkey”.

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I’m sorry, in my initial post I had said my fave dog was a German Shepherd/Golden Retriever mix; so I just abbreviated it thereafter. This late in the day, my good hand gets lazy!!!

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I like Labradors, Golden retrievers and Malamutes. Mostly because they all seem to have such a sweet demeanor.

I like cats. But aren’t familiar enough with the breeds to have a preference. Maybe not the hairless ones. They kind of creep me out.

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Orange tabby / ally cats seem to be the most fly.

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I wouldn’t want a hairless cat either. I’ve read that you have to bathe them daily because their skin is extremely oily. I had one cat that had a bad reaction to his medication & ALL his hair fell out. I found it difficult to give him his daily back rub until we got him straightened out!!!

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