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Do you often spend precious time thinking deeply/philosophizing?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21185points) 1 week ago

Do you spend hours lost in deep thinking without achieving much some days. Then you may feel guilty for having wasted so much valuable time on just philosophizing. Does that ever happen or are you always right on target?

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I do that, but it doesn’t make me feel guilty in general.

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Sure, I dont feel bad about it either, its healthy. Rather than being a waste of time, I feel calm and more centered, after clearing mental clutter.

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I’m certainly not always on target, but I hesitate to attribute that to an excess of “philosophizing”. I can get lost in deep thought, but sometimes I’m daydreaming about nothing consequential at all, other times I’m wasting time on the internet, looking at stupid stuff. But I can focus when I need to.

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I’m rarely on target, unless I’m hyper focused on something. My brain tends to follow footnotes better than the main text.

I’ll fall into hour long rabbit holes. Don’t feel guilty on how I spent the time. Just guilty about how much time I spend. Plus I sometimes I forget to do basic stuff like eat or sleep. Ha.

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If the job (work place job) requires no thinking, at all, or washing the floor at home etc., then a person can do both work, and think deeply about something useful. So, ’‘having wasted so much valuable time on just philosophizing.’’ is

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I pondered for 20,000 years what I did wrong in university. Now I just don’t care as much. Now I just watch cat videos and survival videos and every thing food and domestic skills between questions on Fluther.

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I often do. But, like @KNOWITALL said, it’s not a waste of time.

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Precious time? Like time that should be spent thinking about something else? Some of us are doers, some of us are dreamers. What doers may do and dreamers may dream is never wasted time. Life is like that.

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@kritiper And some of us doers start with a dream…

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@ZEPHYRA “Do you spend hours lost in deep thinking without achieving much some days.”

I wonder what “without achieving much” is supposed to mean here. I philosophize for a living (well, they pay me for the teaching, but they employ me for the philosophizing), so it always counts as “achieving something” professionally when I do it. But even if I were a plumber, I still think I would be “achieving something” by philosophizing.

“Then you may feel guilty for having wasted so much valuable time on just philosophizing.”

This assumes that philosophizing isn’t itself valuable, or at least not valuable enough to be worth the time it takes. I would disagree. Not everyone has to do it professionally, of course, or even at an advanced level. But working through one’s thoughts, challenging one’s own beliefs and the reasons for them, and just more generally becoming more accustomed to thinking is important and valuable in its own right. It makes it more likely that you are thinking for yourself, rather than letting others do your thinking for you. In a world where everyone wants to mold you in their image, it makes you more fully and independently yourself.

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@ZEPHYRA Without people who philosophise people you love may not have existed.

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