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Was there ever something you DIDN'T do, big or small, that looking back, you wonder why you didn't do it --- when you had the opportunity?

Asked by Yellowdog (8206points) 1 week ago

Maybe Muhammad Ali was in town at a parade, and you were close enough that you could’ve shaken his hand—but you didn’t. Or maybe you never followed up on a phone call or went over and talked to someone who seemed to have a romantic interest in you—maybe because friends or siblings influenced you otherwise.

Maybe you passed up an opportunity to comfort someone in need or see a close friend off when they moved. Or kept in touch with your best friend after high school, or who moved somewhere in your early teens.

Would things have been different in your life if you had?
Even if not, still, you might wonder what the experience would have been like.

No deep regrets perhaps. But maybe some regret, that you missed an opportunity to do or say something, merely because it just didn’t seem necessary at the time.

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Transferred to another University in the second year instead of failing out of one that wasn’t for me. Either the university of Alberta or Athabsca distance university.

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Too many times, to list.

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I don’t believe in entertaining regret!!! When I was younger, I used to wonder how things might have turned out different “only IF I had done whatever”. As I’ve aged, I’ve realized that the whatever that I didn’t do put me in the right place to have the “fantastic now” that I’m experiencing!!!

My first husband was an abusive prick who got his jollies beating women. It took me 25 years after our divorce to get past the pain & anger that I carried with me. Then I met & married my last husband who was a WONDERFUL man that gave me ALL the love that I had been searching for over those 25 years. After he died, I realized that had EVERYTHING in my life had not lined up EXACTLY the way it did, I would have NEVER been in the exact right place at the EXACT right time to meet the most WONDERFUL man on the face of this earth!!! So, had I not met & married the asshole, I wouldn’t have made all those terrible choices in men afterward & I would have NEVER met the person who invited me to a group meeting for chronic cancer patients which was where I met my husband. Without ALL my bad choices, I wouldn’t have been invited to my BEST choice!!! Now I can say without hesitation that the WORST day of my life lead me directly to the BEST day of my life & I was even able to forgive me abusive ex for being such a prick. Had he not been a rotten prick, I would have taken a completely different path & NEVER met my last husband who was & still is the LOVE OF MY LIFE!!! He filled up that empty hole in my heart & even his death hasn’t emptied it out again!!!

My “NO regret” thought process includes reminding myself that 2nd guessing what was the best decision at the time has taken me to EXACTLY where I’m supposed to be!!!

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I don’t believe in harboring regret. If I chose to do it, I felt it was my best option at the time. If it was my best option at the time, it was the right thing for me to do

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There are many. Walking back from the sports fields in the 1960’s a girl said to me in confidence that her best friend fancied me. I liked her friend though I didn’t know her well and I did nothing about it. I almost pretended I didn’t hear her.

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Not many but I do wish I’d have pushed for military service and went into law enforcement.

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I remember a girl who obviously liked me whom I saw several times a week at a university swimming pool at the college where my father taught.

I have no idea why I never made an effort to talk to that girl or introduce myself. My sister always said she was flaunting or flirting or whatever. In truth,I think she was very shy. Maybe because of my sister, or maybe because I liked another girl at the time who really wasn’t much into me that summer. But meeting her, and the approval and acceptance I would have gotten, and just the thrill of introducing one’s self—are experiences I wish I had given myself.

There were other girls, too—whom I never asked their phone number, I thought it would have been too forward. But on the few occasions I did, I usually got one. I’d’ve liked to have met a few more girls when I was in my teens.

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Yes. When I was 17 I wound up on the side of a two lane highway, out of gas. It was about 5 miles to the nearest station but I started walking (this was in the 70s. No cell phone.) A car full of guys pulled over, asked what was wrong. The driver said, “We’ll give you a ride! Hop in .”
I politely, but firmly declined.
The guys kept pestering me to get in the car and I was starting to get nervous.
Finally one of them spoke up and said, “I don’t blame her for not getting into a car full of strange guys!”
I gave him a look of gratitude. I gave them $5.00 and off they went to get gas.
Not long after that a hypo pulled over. When I told him the story he just laughed at how gullible I was. I’d never see that $5.00 or them again. Then he left and promised to check back.
They came back. :D.
The guy who had come to my rescue asked me for my number. I was asked for my number 5 times a day, and I reflexively refused.
Now I wish I had at least asked him for HIS number so I could decide whether to call him or not.

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There are plenty of things I didn’t do that I wish I had, but I know why. I’m not sure I should answer the question since I know why. I will say the why was often fear, laziness, or cost, or money, or a mix of those things.

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One time I saw this lady jogging in a matching pink Victoria Secret velour suit while holding a fluffy cat.

I really regret not getting a picture of that.

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