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Do the Oscar ceremonies have a dress code? Is it enforced against the nominees?

Asked by ragingloli (46757points) September 8th, 2019

What if an actor/director, nominated for an award, showed up in their pyjamas? Would they be turned away?
What if that one turned out to win an award? Would they announce that the winner is not here tonight, because of a dress code violation?

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I should think so. If a woman showed up topless with no pasties they’d kick her out.

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There used to not be a dress code; however over the last 10 years or so I think that they did implement one. I think it addressed the necklines of the females dresses. Cleavage had to be more covered. That is one reason the women gave started slitting their skirts up to the ying-yang (in protest). OfficiallyFor the women a “gown” must be worn which is a formal dress that drapes down to the feet and is usually one colour all of which exposing the shoulders.

For males, it is black tie formal with permission to mix & match within reason.

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Nope. Dianne Keaton came in a tuxedo, and Trey Parker came in a women’s gown.

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I could give a fuck.

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If this is a serious question, I will ask a friend of mine who has won an Oscar and find out.

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Lady Gaga doesn’t have to dress like people. So not very strict.

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