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When do airlines let potential flyers/passengers know that they will be sprayed with insecticides while flying?

Asked by flo (12924points) September 8th, 2019

Do they get the info before they buy the ticket? Do passengers get masks?
Second, if someone makes a major scene saying “No, I need to get off, there was no mention of this ahead of time.” what will happen?

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Edited to add: “Do passengers get masks?”

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What, what, what ???

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Nope, you don’t get a mask, and they generally tell you while taxiing to the terminal after landing.

It isn’t like they are spraying Black Flag or DDT. And the World Helth Organization has guidelines. Some people may feel discomfort, but the sprays are generally safe.

Millions of people go to Hawaii every year, and all flights into Hawaii are sprayed.

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@zenvelo OK. “they generally tell you while taxiing to the terminal after landing.”
How can it be no mention of it before a person decides to buy a ticket, or so passengers can do watever they have to do before getting on the plane?

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THIS if it’s correct says nothing about any flights within the US. Also much of this is done when the cabin is empty.

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I did not know this was a thing, but I am totally fine with it. I’m cool with vaccines too.

I did some janitorial work back in the day and we used some pretty nasty chemicals to try and prevent you from getting sick from the shit and piss people get everywhere.

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@johnpowell I ran a cleaning business for many years, and now, because of using those same nasty chemicals as directed, my health has been severely compromised. The chemicals exact a price from whoever comes in contact with them, whether it’s the person using them, or the customer.

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@anniereborn Either barbados or Bahamas should be on that list, but maybe no longer, I’m not sure.
Where is the text about “much of it is done when the cabin is empty”? I see “Countries requiring the disinsection of all in-bound flights with an aerosolized spray while passengers are on board:”

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@johnpowell and @anniereborn But the question is about letting people know ahead of time (i.e before they buy the ticket).

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@snowberry At least there is no stuck in a enclosed space, forced to inhale it there.

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@rebbel I guess you’ve been researching about it?

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I’ll respond, but I need time. I have poor WiFi.

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@flo I’ve read the thread.

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So, what would happen if a person makes a scene and demands to get off?

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I think we’ve seen it before. In other situations, if the plane has already moved away from the terminal, they’re arrested.

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@snowberry But the plane stop somewhere to let doesn’t let the person off, I guess. This is unique senario though I think.

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Like open the door 200 miles from Hawaii and tell them to swim? @flo
At 32,000 feet!

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@flo We are forced to inhale noxious fumes (made from various chemicals) all day long every day. Some of them are from “known” sources, such as smog, tobacco smoke and pesticides.

Then there are the “safe” chemicals. Food additives. Antibacterial sprays, Fragrances. PCB’s. The list is endless. Each chemical, when it enters our bodies is an insult to the human body in one way or another. They add up, and impact the health of ourselves as well as the health of all other life forms.

For me, one of the most serious threats to my health is toxins that I inhale. Lysol, hand sanitizers and many fragrances (among others) will immediately give me severe asthma. As you might imagine hospitals are NOT safe places for me! I’ve recently had 2 severe asthma attacks while visiting people in the hospital!

For a few years I chose to be a hermit rather than take all those horrible prescriptions, and as long as I took care to follow my diet and avoid other people who wore perfumes, used Glade-type plugins, smoked, used hand sanitizers, Febreeze, or Lysol, I managed to survive fairly well.

Then I made friends with a health oriented MD who introduced me to glutathione. It’s given me a life again. I still have to be careful, but at least I can go to the grocery!

As for pesticides on the airplane, it’s one more thing for me to be aware of and possibly choose to avoid.

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@snowberry I almost stopped reading your post after the 1st paragraph thinking you’re going with:If we’re inhaling (all the things you listed) isn’t it a waste of time addressing incecticides in planes? And then I read your last paragraph.
I’ll have to read up on Glutathione but feel free to let us know about it,

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@flo remember I’m Alternative Nelly here, and my views are often met with derision. Many (most?) will insist that what an MD in the US will tell you is gospel. I’ve researched what US doctors say. Of course from their point of view it’s a waste of money.

My friend has a medical degree from Germany. She explained that people with more glutathione live longer and are healthier. People who don’t have enough are sicker and die sooner. She said that doctors in Germany routinely prescribe NAC and vitamin C for people with lung problems. The body converts these nutrients to glutathione, which is essential for dealing with toxins. I also take liquid lysosomal glutathione.

My body seems to love the stuff, for my health has dramatically improved since I started taking these supplements.

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@snowberry If you eat right and exercise no need to worry about toxins. I believe in the body removes the bad stuff. Liver and Kidneys, right?

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@flo I ran a cleaning business for over 30 years. I have managed to be exposed to more chemicals than I can name. I have become sensitive to many of them, including Lysol and hand sanitizers but mostly fragrances (which are made from byproducts of the petroleum industry)..At this point so many chemicals trigger asthma, migraines, and general itchyness, my quality of life is severely affected. If all I did was just “eat right and exercise”, I very possibly would be dead now.

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I know someone who stopped multi vitamins and got sooooo (insanely sooooo much better! I’m guessing the same result would occur with non pharmaceutical kind of supplements as well.

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@flo Maybe. The supplement industry is big business. But if anything, Big Pharma is bigger. I really do my research regarding taking anything. I am not against taking prescriptions; I have an inhaler for emergencies for example. But your friend discovered the hard way that it’s unwise to indiscriminately take a lot of vitamins. Were they regularly consulting with people who really knew nutrition? I bet they weren’t.

I have a naturopath and an MD who help me, both of whom are top notch.

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@snowberry I didn’t add _it’s not just stop taking multivitamins but also started eating healthy or healthier, _ not just stop the multivitamins.

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