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Can this explain the Republican Party's lack of deep understanding of complex ideas?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28286points) September 9th, 2019

Tennessee state legislator read this thinks that higher education is a scourge and the source of all American problems.

Or is just Tennessee?

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Some members of the GOP don’t know their “tens tables”, you know 10, 20, 30 . . . . and they’re in Congress. ;>(

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There you have it. The truth footing modern conservatism. “A little learning is a dangerous thing.”

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Understanding complex issues automatically turns one into a liberal, because you start to see that conservative ideas, arguments, and policies immediately collapse under their own illogic.

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Colleges, ARE NOT “liberal.breeding grounds.” In America.)

When people become more aware of the world around them, they show a pattern of leaning towards the left. Some further than others.

One could easily consider elementary, and middle school nationalist breeding grounds. The teachings sugar coat, or straight out omit the atrocities, that this country was built on. They glorify the country, and the means in which how it came about. They teach children a VERY pro-American side, of history.

When young adults learn more about the reality of history, many start a process of an awakening, of sorts. In college, you are taught, and research historical fact. This knowledge, of not only history, but science (at a deeper level,) can reveal many things about true history, and can also lead to revelations about religion, and the environment. With a new and objective array of many subjects, including how western civilizations influenced/are influencing the world, and by exposing the truth about organized religion, one can change many beliefs. Changes often attributed to “liberal” thinking.

“The truth, shall set you free.” Higher learning, makes it harder to keep the population ignorant, and therefore harder to control. The more facts one learns, the more the pro-America/pro-Christian propaganda that was drilled into them, as children starts to drip away.

The effect is that higher learning places, that aren’t continuing the propaganda (like Christian based colleges,) produce a natural movement away from the type of thinking of many conservatives.

Yes. I’m saying that the more educated one is, the more likely they are to adopt liberal ideas. Conversely, the less educated one is, the more likely that they will never evolve, into a person who is “woke.”

I have heard this argument, that most college professors, are left leaning. I agree. IMO. That’s because professors, are more aware of the reality of the world. It’s not a conspiracy, to transform people into liberal minded folk. College encourages free thinking. And only introduces people to facts. From there, it’s up to each individual, to decide how, or if that changes their beliefs. There is no brainwashing, or liberal agenda. Just exposure to reality…

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The left has their share of idiots too. No excuse for what this guy says but he doesn’t reflect the rest of the GOP.

As far as conservatives there are two types. Type A is from the religious right, they have always been conservative and always will be. The difference is they are primarily concerned with their religion and abortion. They tend to be rather obtuse, fearfull, poorly educated and closed minded. Science is a threat to their religion.

Type B used to be liberal, especially when they were younger but they realized their good intentions and ideology are no match for reality. Most are very well educated. They know feel good solutions and hard socialism are a road to ruin. They are conservative as a form of left wing damage control. They migrated to being a conservative slowly, sometimes in secret. They’re fine with the left on most social issues but disagree on foreign policy and economics. They don’t like the religious right very much but tolerate them.

This guy is clearly Type A despite his education.

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As far as college it depends on which one and what your major is. The university I went to STEM departments were apolitical. There were openly conservative and liberal profs. The material deals with the real and the physical so politics did not play into it much. However humanities were pretty close to what you could call “liberal breeding grounds” sometimes shamelessly so. In certain departments it was comically one sided. Sad thing is while it’s good to get an education the common theme was the more left leaning someone was the more you could predict they took a soft science or humanities as a course of study. Hard sciences and math seemed to be either more evenly distributed or slightly leaning one way or another. A lot of future conservatives as you see the same people develop in their career and political awareness.
The sociology and psychology majors are mostly waiting tables. A few find good work.

Pretty sorry state if you asked me. The study of humanities is important. STEM focuses more on training. Humanities more on education and it takes a good balance of both to be properly educated. Humanities majors tend to overestimate their knowledge of science. You see the Dunning-Kreuger effect with them all the time. Likewise on humanities for many STEM majors but most of them at least have a rudimentary exposure because some of it is mandatory. Outside of perhaps philosophy humanities majors generally never have to take courses that really challenge them and force them to think. It’s all pretty well spoon-fed.

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It’s easy to convince people who don’t have a degree that universities are trying to brainwash students to be liberal.

A friend of mine was raised a Jehovah’s Witness and in her senior year of high school she went against her parents and got accepted into college. They won and she was not allowed to go. Their religion was against education and pushed for high school graduates to go out and recruit for the religion.

Her parents were raised Catholic, got pregnant at 16, and my guess is JW made them feel welcome while the Catholic Church was probably pushing for her mom to give up the baby and be full of shame. For all I know her parents didn’t finish high school, I don’t. They are lovely people, hard working, and forged a nice middle class life for themselves, but extremely religious. Of course JW doesn’t want people getting college educations, when people are much easier to manipulate if they are sheltered and only hear one voice. I don’t know if JW still is so anti-education.

I have a marketing degree from Michigan State University and I never knew the political leanings of any of my professors. In fact my first year there Farrakhan spoke at the school, and when some people were upset about it, the school basically said it’s a freedom of speech thing and universities should be a place for points of view and discussion. They actually paid him, if my information was right, which really pissed us off. This is back in the late ‘80’s.

A lot of republicans have higher educations. This talk might work on the very sheltered, but it isn’t going to work on the entire Republican voting population.

I do think this is partly a reaction to the predominant message that if you don’t have a college degree you don’t have a chance, and you aren’t worth much. This message is condescending and demeaning to a huge portion of our population. It shows a lack of respect to those without degrees who work very hard every day. That talk has to go away also. We have kids paying for degrees from schools that aren’t accredited and employers don’t give any credence to those certificates.

I think if we have learned anything, it’s that people seek to feel they have worth. Worth as a person and that they are respected by others and can respect themselves. White Supremacists are the extreme of this. A teacher of mine told the us that neoNazis are men who felt insecure and troubled and this WS group makes them feel they belong and have power and good about themselves. Just like any gang or cult, it all seems to be the same formula to me. If now you, who can’t get a college education for whatever reason, are now looked on as the smarter group then you can feel better about yourself. With this education message the people without a college degree are now the ones who aren’t brainwashed, who were smart not to waste their money, and who do an honest day’s work.

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Keep em stupid and they’ll believe anything and blindly follow. It works for the Muslims why not for the trump USA?

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