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Skin care recommendations; products outside the mall?

Asked by jeanm (279points) August 27th, 2008

Several friends recently suggested Dr. Hauschka with such glowing recommendations that I thought I’d try these products. Any advice?

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if you go see a dermatologist and you have a breakout, ask for benzac a310. its prescription only, but my dad fills it out, even though he’s not a dermatologist, because i don’t have the opportunity to go to the clinic every time the bottle gets depleted. you put it on every night before bed and it prevents and clears breakouts. it has very strong bleach in it, so make sure that you wear a white shirt and sleep on a white pillowcase.

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Great skin comes from consistent skin care. Consider your age, skin type (normal, combination, oily, dry, mature), your lifestyle, & budget. What products are you currently using? What do you like/dislike about your skin?

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happiNess: I’m currently using Kiehl’s. Happy about access to stores and freebies. Unhappy that my skin doesn’t look as healthy as I think it should. I spend most attention on sunscreen and moisturizer and not enough on cleaning and conditioning. Also, I can’t get over how GREAT the Dr. Hauschka products smell – something else I’ve been missing.

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okay seriously? I’ve been using Dr. H for 3 days now and can already tell a difference. I’m 28 and had some fine lines

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Depends on the kind of skin care you are talking about. I really like PAC Perfect. They promote mostly to darker skins (I’m about as pale as you can get) but I like it because it works really well on acne without the bleach problem mentioned above.

I kind of hate to do a constant system, so I generally use it as I need it which works. Of course, my skin would probably be two thousand times happier if I used it constantly as suggested, but it does what I need. And quickly.

I’m not sure it is appropriate to link to the website here or not, so I won’t.

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A lovely line of products from “Kiss My Face” and “Burt’s Bees,” is available at Health Food store. I use Neutrogena with sun block for my face and lavender-scented massage oil for my arms and legs – getting a tad drier as I age.

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