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Regarding mutual funds, what does "back end load schedule one year" mean? See below details?

Asked by JLeslie (57656points) 1 week ago

I know “back end” means you pay the load at the end, but I’ve been told by a financial advisor that if it is one year, that means if you hold more than a year there is no load to pay at all.

Here is an example of a fund that says one year: MMHCX

Is my financial advisor correct that there is no load if you hold the fund more than one year?

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I think you understand.

Don’t trust the guy trying to sell you any loaded funds.

I never buy loaded funds.

Why should we have to pay a fee to let other people use our money?

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And here I thought “back end load” referred to a gastrointestinal problem.

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Contingent deferred sales charge as defined on NASDAQ website for a load of a back-end load fund.

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@Tropical_Willie Thanks for that link. So, when you read the link I gave at the top do you interpret that fund to have zero load if held more than a year?

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There is a separate CDSC charge of 1.00% for less than a year holding.

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@Tropical_Willie A separate charge of 1% for not holding a year, so does that mean there are other fees no matter how long you hold it?

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