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How can I find out how wide a news station's broadcast range is?

Asked by Nevada83 (559points) 1 week ago

Lately, I’ve been interested in the broadcast range of news stations and I would like to know how to find out how wide they are.

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Ask them, they know their audience.

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I shot them an e-mail. :)

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Did you try googling it? I just googled a local NYC radio station to see what comes up and their Wikipedia page tells the MHZ and a lot of technical details about the station.

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@jca2 I have been looking, but I did not think to look on Wikipedia. Unfortunately, I do not see any mention of its broadcast range.

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Whoa, out of nowhere I found the coverage map.

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Go to this page and type in the location or call sign for the station.

Example this is WCLB in Sheboygan, WI

Once there, click on View Daytime Coverage Map

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