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Do you ever support the fundraisers people put up (often on their birthdays) on Facebook?

Asked by canidmajor (18512points) September 14th, 2019

No less than four have popped up already this morning in my newsfeed, and I am curious about if or how people respond.
I will sometimes support their causes, but I do it privately, never through Facebook.
Do you? How? What kind of causes would you support that have notifications on Facebook?

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No, facebook takes a percentage, so I choose local charities.

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I’ll sometimes message the person and send them a check if it’s something I believe in. I also don’t like donating through FB.

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I don’t… they seem to amplify existing inequities in assistance.
The fundraisers that are best written to jerk a tear here and there, and involve the most dear of beneficiaries, pull in more cash. There are professional FundMe coaches that help people market their cause, especially among people with big medical issues and bills. Others run campaigns that only amplify their desperation.
It also gives an illusion that through campaigns like those, we did what we could, everything it alright. Instead systems are needed that provide medical and social safety nets for everybody including the ones whose stories are normal human struggles that don’t stand out.

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No. I donate to charities on my own, by attending fundraisers and giving into the “pot” when I see an animal rescue at a pet store or something like that. Never through FB because they take a cut. Plus if I donated every time I saw a birthday fundraiser, with 500 friends, all of my salary would be going to charity LOL.

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Yes; I supported two of them for relatives but, after I began receiving emails with many of them wanting me to do the same thing for people I never met I stopped.

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I’m actually talking about fundraisers for specific actual charities, here, not gofundme pleas (I’m going to ask another Q specific to that). Today there was one for a specific muscular dystrophy research, two for pancreatic cancer research and one for a specific branch of the Humane Society.

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Nope…I don’t do Facebook.

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No. I would never give Facebook the chance to get my credit card info.
i ignore the requests. if you open your eyes and look around you will see everyone is in need of something.
If I feel it is a worthy cause I will contact the person directly.

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I don’t think I ever have, no. I rarely use Facebook anyway.

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I have a couple of times. I think they were for animals.

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I did with my special needs son, so he would have some support for his choice, but that’s the only one.

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Nope. And I won’t.

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