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Do you have a list of tactical items that are fun or useful to have?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (15335points) 3 weeks ago

Like, tactical tourniquets, tactical flashlights ect..

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In hate the word “tactical” it is marketing B.S.

I’d replace it with “quality” or “utilitarian.”

I have some really good flashlights, knives and cookware that in a pinch can be used defensively.

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Also not to forget the tactical bacon.

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~(NSFW) Maybe tactical condoms. They will never see you comming.

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Same as @Are You, hatchet, tactical knife (i love), big and small maglites, knife with attachments, compass, hunting knives, crossbow (love), guns. Average rednecks all have this gear.

I guess my cast iron collection can be weapons, a little heavy to pack around lol.

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Holster and ammo belt. Shoulder bag for shot shells. Pocket knife.

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I have a good flashlight, no need for overhyped marketing bullshit like “tactical”. I also have candles, lighters and matches. I grew up with a grandfather who survived the Great Depression, World War II and was a firefighter for decades. One thing I learned from him is that one does not need to spend stupid money in order to be able to deal with power outages, weather events and emergencies.

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I have LED bulbs which fit normal a sockets, but they have battery backup inside the casing. If the power goes out, they somehow know the difference and will stay on. In other words, if you turn off the switch they go off, but if the power goes out, they can be turned on. Regular use keeps them charged. They also come with a socket on a hook, so they can be carried around like a flashlight. I don’t carry them around, since m y hands are needed for walking. That’s why I bought an LED headlamp. The power was out the other night for a couple of hours, so, both were in use during that time.
I have a second storm bulb which I supplied for the stairwell to the basement. The neighbours share the same stairs to their basement. I live in a side by side duplex. They have a young boy and an infant. I know that bulb will make a difference for us all if the power goes out and tornadoo sirens start up. They cost more than regular bulbs, but they more than make up for it in areas where power outages occur.

I use my headlamp a lot. It got me safely to the toilet the other night while the power was out. It is good for digging in the back of closets too.
I have other stuff that works great for people with physical limitations, but I wouldn’t say it is anything for emergency supplies for physically able people.

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A good knife, some good rope (I like paracord because it is strong and light), some way to light a fire whether it is matches or a lighter or a flint/steel, a good powerful LED flashlight. Beyond that, it would depend on what and how long you were looking to be prepared for,

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A tactical swiss knife with a picatinny scope mount.

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I have a tactical monkey torture kit, It comes in especially handy if there is a natural disaster in a part of the world where I am sent in recovery efforts and there are too many monkeys harassing us or disrupting recovery efforts by stealing food, first aid supplies, building supplies, medicine, etc.

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Stiletto shoes.

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@Yellowdog lol, made me think of the old Faces of Death we loved in hs. When they ate the monky brains. Bleck..

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I have all the things.

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Tactical water bottle (built in micro filter)
Tactical ax
Tactical chainsaw
Tactical gun
Tactical machete
Tactical bayonet
Tactical survival plans
Tactical stock market investments

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Tactical toilet paper.

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I have these lights in some outlets at home. They remain plugged in and they’re off, but if the power goes out, they automatically go on. You can also take them out of the outlets and they’re a regular battery operated flashlight. Only $10 from Amazon:

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Well well, you can learn much from this Fluther site. Such as whom shares your interests.

You can also learn who does not share your interests and those that proudly announce their ignorance in a subject.

Take @Darth_Algar as a fine example. Your mouth has enabled me to pluck you from this topic and make an example of you.

You called it, overhyped marketing bullshit like “tactical”. I’m very glad you have candles so you can find your way out of this subject. Things with the name tactical are called that for a reason. A tactical knife for example doesn’t have anything reflective on it and is usually made of titanium and carbon fiber for a strong durable blade and a lightweight handle for easier carrying if you should have to run. A tactical flashlight would be built well beyond your grandfather’s too. Tactical clothing is usually a camo pattern for blending in or black. They’ll also have pockets for specific items that one would pack with them. I could go on forever explaining all this to you but it won’t change anything. In fact, I fully expect a disgusting response to spew from your mouth once again as I’ve seen several times on here.

Tactical is also a state of mind. To think about what to do in every situation before it happens. To expect certain things to happen and to prevent them.

To be tactical is to have strategic planning always. To see you vomit your filth all over a subject I’ve trained my entire life for is rather off-putting to say the least.

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You can also just list your list.

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I have a wind up radio and a wind up torch. I’m all set for Armageddon.

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Will Thursday be Halloween?


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In the home I have:
1. A wrench
2. A hammer
3. A screwdriver
4. A safety pin ( comes in handy in emergencies)..LOL.
5. A lighter and wooden matches in a container.
6. A flashlight ( battery and also a Led light)
7. Maps of the area
8. A Bug out pack ( three days of supplies) in case of Wildfires in our area.(has all emergency paraphernalia included.)
9. File folder in waterproof zip lock bag for documents needed ( Insurance etc)
10. $ ( in Zip Lock bag in smaller bills and change in case bank system out)
11. Pen and pencil and paper.
12. Radio that is solar powered that has features such a s USB port to recharge my
13, Address book of addresses of relatives and places for safety etc.
14. Extra set of clothes.
15. Bought packets of water rather than carrying 7 liters ( recommended) for 3 days survival until I arrive at a safe place with amenities.
16. Irreplaceable photographs and documents in a waterproof file in a bag.
17. My name and address on my person to identify me.
All this because of the last few years of wildfires and smoke coming from another Province
( in Canada) that may or may not spread to out Town.

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I’m much more concerned with severe weather and the like than I am with asinine, borderline fetishistic, break-down-of-society fantasies. No need for “tactical” camouflage when a tornado hits. And get back to me once that tactical flashlight has lasted for several decades under all kinds of use and abuse. Then we can talk about well built.

Perhaps you should stick to playing make-believe vampire.

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@Darth_Algar Yeah…Venezuelans for example would never see one of those break-down-of-society things. It could never happen. And with a whole crop of Socialists trying to gain control of this nation…what could go wrong?

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@Darth_Alger look at who is flinging a word like fetishistic!
You constantly word – bombing the dreams, goals, interests, joys of anyone, apparently at random, exposes your fetishistic tendencies toward sadism.
If you were occasionally to critique some item or another, I would think you a perfectionist. Such is not the case, however.
You give the impression of being nothing more than a gloomy Gus.
Find a hobby and perk up the attitude, for gosh sakes.

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@Darth_Algar silly boy and his nonsense. I’ll refrain picking you apart, for now. I’ll let you make a fool of yourself for awhile longer.

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