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As a primary school drama teacher, what movie would you adapt for an unconventional stage play?

Asked by ragingloli (45471points) 1 month ago

Something like the Hateful 8.
Just to see the shocked faces of all those parents, when their little crotch goblins start throwing the N-word around.
And I bet the have never seen squibs in a school play before, either.

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I’m not sure your question is sincere, but I will respond as if it is.

I think Finding Nemo could be a great adaptation, especially if there is a staff member or parent who is talented with face makeup. Crepe paper strips in shades of green and blue hung from a ceiling or light fixtures could set the uderwater scene.

It could easily be cut back to a thirty minute performance.

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I was going to say Alien but that’s actually been done.

Scarface perhaps..

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Inception would be interesting…

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Julius Caesar (especially the stabbing scene)

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The Children’s Hour by Lillian Hellman

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The Lobster.

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Big Fish
The Secret life of Pets
Lego DC Batman:Family Matters

But maybe the following is Best of the pick?

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Definitely Twelve Angry Men and Reservoir Dogs.

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“The Man who would become King” ( 1975 Sean Connery adaptation of Rudyard Kipling
I saw this many times and never tired of it.
The message is about greed for power will come to an ill end eventually.

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Detective Story

It’s about a police officer who is so stuck up with the law that he actually causes people more grief than happiness, and he realizes the lesson a bit too late.

Why should it be a play? Because primary students have this “us vs them” mentality justified by the “moral standards” they hold. This adaptation will teach them that life isn’t all black-and-white, and you have to reach out to different people and understand their side of the story. Seriously, if kids are taught how to be open-minded at a young age, most of the problems they face as teenagers will be much easier to deal with.

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Thor: Ragnarok

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“We are going through the devil’s anus!” *points at the headmaster.

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Romeo and Juliet

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Midnight Cowboy.

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