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Can you think up a mnemonic device for the order of the planets from the sun—including dwarf planets?

Asked by raum (5610points) 1 month ago from iPhone

Mercury 57.9 million
Venus 108.2 million
Earth 149.6 million
Mars 227.9 million
Jupiter 778.3 million
Saturn 1.4 billion
Uranus 2.8 billion
Neptune 4.4 billion

Ceres* 413 million
Pluto* 5.9 billion
Haumea* 6.4 billion
Makemake* 6.8 billion
Eris* 10.1 billion

* dwarf planet

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“Hey Google, what is the order of the planets?”

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My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Cheese Pizzas Having More Eggplant

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I can’t think of anything more mnemonic than @zenvelo‘s answer, but good luck on your astronomy test! ;-D

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Why not just remember the planets in the right order?
A memonic device only complicates something fairly simple to memorize.

If you can visualize the planets, they seem to come in pairs.

Mercury and the Moon (though the moon isn’t a planet, it is bigger than a natural satilite and is similar to the planet mercury).
Venus and Earth
Mars and the hypothetical similar-sized planet Phaeton which is now the asteroid belt;
Jupiter and Saturn the ringed gas giants
Uranus and Neptune which are the ringed ice giants

Pluto and any other kuipner belt objects

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Mercury is racing around the sun as fast as he can. Why? So he can catch a glimpse of Venus. Earthlings find this amusing, but Mars is willing to go to war over it. Jupiter just sits in the SUN.

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