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Would Saudi Arabia have the guts to ask Israel to sell it some of Israel's Iron Dome anti-missile defense stations?

Asked by elbanditoroso (30570points) September 17th, 2019

It sort of makes sense – Saudi Arabia needs to defend itself and Israel has proven weapons hardware.

And the Israelis have slowly and quietly been talking to the Saudis.

Would Saudi Arabia ever recognize Israel in order to buy good defensive hardware? Or would the Saudis prefer to be bombed some more?

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Would that system even work when faced with actual missiles, and not just with those bush rockets the palaestinians throw together with mud and sticks?

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They are friends with our president. He will be invited to lavish dining and accommodation for a deep penetration butt kissing.
If he refuses to aid them, who knows where they might turn next?

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They would probably ask Trump first. Iron Dome is a joint US/Israeli venture and Trump likes selling military equipment to the Saudis.

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I agree with @flutherother although I do not believe Trump would sell anything that’s between the U.S. and Israel.

But why guess? Just keep up with what Israel has to say on this. No information about Trump is reliable.

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No. Also I believe that anti-missile systems do not protect against drone attacks.

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The Saudi Arabian military, has near current American military capabilities. We’re even selling them our new F-35, stealth fighters. While their own defense systems were oddly ineffective, against the latest attack, they could do serious offensive damage, to Iran. If they decide to attack Iran, that is.
Israel, also enjoys American military technologies. The difference, is that SA, also gets military systems from Russia. So. America, is reluctant to sell them our defense systems, because the Russians, could use data on our hardware, to better design defense systems of their own. As the US, and Russia, are not exactly friends, right now, we don’t want them learning more about our offensive capabilities.

And yes. The Iron Dome system, is highly effective against Palestinian missiles, but Iranian technologies, are far more sophisticated, and would be more effective against the Iron Dome technology.

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They already have US made Patriot missile systems but they didn’t deploy any against Iran, only against Yemen. I’m betting they will now…

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The Houthies of Yemen (sure I misspelled that,) do not currently have the technologies to attack targets in SA, from their range. There were more articles today, about the technologies being Iranian. They’re upset about the sanctions put on their ability to sell their oil. As a result, they are punishing the rest of the world’s oil requirements. Raising the prices on oil, and putting pressure on other countries.

I have to give Trump credit, for not wanting to start another war . Which seems to be his current position…

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