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Was the attack on Saudi Arabia a drone strike or a missile attack?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19445points) September 17th, 2019

Please and thank you.

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Both, according to the latest report. And from Iran to boot.

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Yes. Both. Some failed cruise missiles, and fragments discovered, were Iranian technology. The closest other people who would have attacked Saudi Arabia, do not have the technology, to attack SA, from their geographic locations.

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Drone is pretty misleading if you look at them. These aren’t the quadcopters you can get for 800 bucks on Amazon with a bomb taped to them. While technically, maybe a drone, it isn’t what you really think of when you hear drone.

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Drone is pretty misleading if you look at them. These aren’t the quadcopters you can get for 800 bucks

People who follow aerospace or military news and I think even the evening news are aware that drone does not mean toy.

Note the people standing under the wing of the MQ-9 Reaper here

The Global Hawk has a wingspan like a 737 airline.

Those are 15 and 20 year old designs.

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The initial reporting was “drones”, then it was “leaked” that there were reported missile strikes a day later, then (evidently) reporters sifted the supplied evidence from those two claims/sources to determine it was both. Only 50%, (and no less than 50%, a very precise number) was reported taken out, even though the attack was reported as completely successful. This indicates planning. A nation state clearly considered the possibility that “the Houthis did it” wasn’t likely to be accepted as an explanation by the Saudis, meaning the Iranians not only knew of the attack, they didn’t want to engage in an attack that would put them into an all out war and must have discussed it with the attackers, indicating at least a very close collaboration and planning. That is, if they weren’t the ones who actually did the attack. It’s more likely somewhere in between: planned and weapons supplied by Iran but the Houthis carried it out from sites that would indicate the missiles came from the opposite direction of Iran, for plausible deniability.

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