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Do you cut your food on a counter top or a cutting board?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (15380points) 4 weeks ago

Just wondering. I used to cut my food on a counter top, when I was a child, now I use a cutting board.

What are some more domestic tips?

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I am lazy and cut mine on the plate I am going to use.

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My meal food that I’m eating, I cut on the plate I’m eating off of.

If I’m cutting fruit or vegetables to prepare for cooking, I usually use a cutting board. Occasionally a plate. Never on the bare counter. That puts scratches in the countertop.

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I use a beatiful cutting board a friend made me out of about 10 different woods labelled on back.

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What anniereborn said..

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Prep food on a white plastic cutting board, it’s about 16 years old.

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Like @Tropical_Willie I use a plastic cutting board when I am preparing the food. that goes in the dishwasher when I’m done . Every few washings I put it in the sink and pour diluted bleach over it to make it bright white again.

You can buy used ones from GoodWill for almost nothing. They may look terrible in the store but a 5 minute soak in bleach will make them look good as new.

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I use a cutting board for food prep, because cutting on the counter ruins your knives.

Also, the counter is just not sure to be clean enough for food prep.

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I cut food on everything except the counter, some plastic ware, and non-stick cookware.

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I usually use a cutting board. I have three, two are plastic and one wood.

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I cut food on plates that I’m going to eat off when appropriate. I cut food that will be cooked on a cutting board.

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I’ve always used cutting boards or plates regardless of the type of counter. I don’t think I’ve ever cut anything directly on the counter.

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I have several light weight plastic cutting sheets, a heavy plastic cutting board, a wooden cutting board, and an Ulu knife, with a wooden, bowl shaped cutting board.
I have a tiled counter, but I never chop food directly on it.

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I have several washable plastic cutting boards on my counters full time to discourage family members from cutting on the counter.

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