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How has the Trump Presidency transformed journalism?

Asked by stanleybmanly (20491points) 1 month ago from iPhone

How has the press acquitted itself in dealing with this President?

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His constant misquotes caused Journalists to fact check everything now.
Journalists are supposed to check facts anyways and perhaps some weren’t thoroughly?

I think that that is how Trump deals with unwanted attention on what he says at times which misinformation?He keeps the Press on their toes, annoying and perhaps delaying his main purpose and that is to grab the media attention for that day’s press only.

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To avoid being labeled as “fake news,” the media most likely has become more precise in it’s reporting and less likely to exaggerate the facts.

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There is no integrity with journalism anymore.

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Thy love to fact check Trump but unfortunately, don’t fact check their own stories. It seems that every reporter is looking to be the next Woodward and Bernstein to bring down a President. In their zeal to get him, they’re willing to abandon all principle and integrity to run with nothing more than rumor and innuendo. What is portrayed as journalism is nothing more than emotional vitriol. Pitiful!

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He shined a light on their lies. That’s it. All they have done since is create and push more lies to try discrediting him. The number and severity of the retractions that have had to come out from the media have skyrocketed since he started really pushing against their lack of integrity.

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“The number and severity of the retractions that have had to come out from the media have skyrocketed since he started really pushing against their lack of integrity.”

Source PLEEEZE ! @seawulf575 not just your conservative opinion

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trump hasn’t changed journalism. When he’s gone and back to irrelevancy hosting reality TV shows journalists would go about whatever it is they were doing before trump.

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I get my news from trustworthy news sites like NPR, BBC, NBC ect. so I haven’t been exposed to any loss of integrity. What I see are journalists faced with an unprecedented landslide of idiotic obscenity from the highest office in the land that they need to report on fairly and accurately and they must be gritting their teeth and hitting their heads against a wall.
The shit is so unbelievable that trump makes everyone come off sounding like The National Enquirer.

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Reagan getting rid of the Fairness Doctrine and the advent of cable TV are the two things that changed the “news” and journalism the most significantly.

I put news in quotes, because I feel like news should be used when talking about balanced journalism. The “shows” that are decidedly biased aren’t news shows, they are commentary and opinion shows.

Print journalism is still more researched and balanced than TV in my opinion in general. There are exceptions.

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The country’s first “house on fire” Presidency. It will make a spectacular Ken Burns documentary.

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They gave no examples.
Who is the Washington Examiner?

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The Washington Examiner like the Washington Times are the would be conservative substitutes for the powerhouse mainstream Washington Post. Like Fox, they counter the liberal bias supposedly distinguishing anything mainstream, which is why they are regarded like Fox as rather comical propaganda organs of the right.

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So the press is lying about Trump whom we acknowledge—lies about any and everything. To openly assert that a cloud of scum like Trump might “shine a light” on dishonesty and deception is beyond laughable absurdity. No one has to “try discrediting” the fool. Indeed the standing joke is that simply playing back the visual and audible torrent of fkups defining the man is more than adequate. What his defenders claim as bias against the idiot is in truth the mere visual and audible performance of the jackass himself. They’re pissed at the press for simply recording the fool and playing back those recordings which reinforce what everyone knows, including those here feebly defending what is patently indefensible.

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@stanleybmanly “So the press is lying about Trump whom we acknowledge—lies about any and everything. ” Think about that. The press tells you 24/7 that Trump is lying…so you acknowledge it. Even when the proof comes out that the press is wrong, you cannot open your eyes and mind enough to acknowledge that. Yes, Trump has lied….but not nearly as much as you seem to think. Remember the “lies” he told. Most of them are creations of a bogus leftist media. “Trump is lying about the Hurricane heading to Alabama!” No…what he ACTUALLY said was that one of the original predictions had it heading across FL and into the Gulf of Mexico and could hit GA and AL. But the leftist media tried telling everyone that he was saying it was currently heading that way. That isn’t even close to being true….but you believed it. Pick just about any of the big ticket items and you will find that when all the facts come out, Trump was right and the leftist media (and weak-minded fools) were wrong. Trump claiming someone was spying on his campaign and him. That was a huge lie…right up until it was proven to be true. Trump was lying about working with Russia to impact our election in his favor. Right up until it was proven he wasn’t lying about it. The list goes on and on.
As for trying to discredit Trump, that list goes on and on as well. His “Muslim Ban” was never any such thing. That was a created talking point designed to be able to discredit him. His “Racist” comment about Baltimore being a rat and rodent infested mess. How can that even vaguely be considered racist?!? Yet you fools on the left, led by your corrupt media, started broadcasting that he made racist comments about Baltimore. Trying to discredit him. Yeah…that plate if full as well. Russian collusion, obstruction of justice, racism, constant lying….as Sonny and Cher once sang…the beat goes on.

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Trump lied about the hurricane. That isn’t a leftist or liberal invention. When the weather service corrected his “mistake” to prevent panic, he not only persisted in the lie, but tasked his minions to threaten those disputing his god like pronouncement. For the umpteenth time, no one has to TRY to discredit Trump. His Muslim ban was never any such thing? BULLSHIT! His initial ban was slapped down by the courts which declared unequivocally that a Muslim ban is EXACTLY what it was, and blatantly UNCONSTITUTIONAL. His comment on rat and rodent infested Baltimore is a slur pointed directly at the residents of that city, just as my disparaging of his rat, rodent and criminally infested tacky hotels attests to his slimy character. Face it. You’re tasked with defending a markedly indefensible turd. It isn’t the fault of the left, the democrats, the liberal press or undocumented aliens that your turd smells to high heaven. A turd is a turd!!!

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@stanleybmanly Go back and look at what was actually said. THEN go back and look at what your liberal cronies said about it. THAT is where the problem actually began. The NWS had to put out something to the weak-minded and obtuse left to tell them what they were hearing was bullshit. It wasn’t what the POTUS said…it was what the libs created. And Trump did nothing except to try clarify what he had said. It did no good since you fools on the left just tried saying he was continuing to push a lie.
Again…you cannot argue facts. The “Muslim Ban” was never that at all. It was a ban on travel from certain nations until proper vetting could be done. And not even all the nations on the list were Muslim Majority. And the fact that a liberal court slapped it down just shows how corrupt liberal judges are.
His comment about rat and rodent infested Baltimore was just that…a comment that it was rat and rodent infested.mess. He was ashamed FOR the people that have to live there. Oh! and here’s a little proof of his statement

Look at about 1:20 minutes into this story. It’s classic. They are trying to say Trump was slamming the people but then, as if on cue, a giant rat runs right across the camera shot on a live broadcast. Let me guess…Trump planted it? But there you have it…you are dissociated from reality to the point that facts don’t matter…only what the liberal talking points are.

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So democrats, the press, the weather service, the intelligence services, snd now the courts—all out to humiliate the fool? It’s all invented doctored or spun?

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Right??? It’s all a big conspiracy.

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It’s really stupid to defend an ass when the simple truth is he’s an ass. Lol

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Somehow some Americans have found a use for one ugly American. It’s amazing how much filth these Americans can stomach. Any person who separates kids from their parents and feels nothing is human filth.

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Now, now, we don’t want to hurt any feeings.

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“Feelings / Nothing more than feelings / Trying to forget my feelings of shaaame…”

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