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Does anyone actually enjoy doing push-ups?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17148points) September 19th, 2019

I can do 1 or 2 before I give up, and I don’t enjoy them.

I do used to enjoy using the rowing machine and tossing the medicine ball .

What exercises do you enjoy? With or without equipment.

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Not me. Nor sit ups. But I liked the results so I kept at it.

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I used to be very good a doing push ups.
I think it is easier to enjoy exercising when we are already in shape.
My favorite ways are dancing, and using a hula hoop.
I can’t visualize you hula hooping, but I bet you could dance up a storm.
See if you can find a full length mirror you can afford. Find some dance instructions on YT which start in slow with something you can handle. It works better when you can watch yourself, but if you can’t afford a mirror try without one.

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When I was 17 I could do 100. Now I’m lucky to get past 50. I do still enjoy the endorphin after effects.

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Push-ups are not my thing. I enjoy walking especially early in the morning when the air is fresh and the birds are just waking up

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I wasn’t a fan of push ups back when I had 2 arms to push with. Now that I am limited to the use of only one arm, I really can’t do them!!! I’m also limited by the fact that once I get down on the floor, it’s almost impossible for me to get back up!!!

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I did a “challenge” of 22 push ups for 30 days to raise awareness of veteran PTSD and suicides. It was a bitch the first five days, but by the end of the month I enjoyed being able to do it quickly and without aching.

And a side benefit, it feels good to do planks.

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Upper body strength is not my thing. Lots of us tall guys have trouble with it.
In the US ARMY, a proper push up is one where you go down low enough so that a straight line across your elbows won’t touch your back. Lots of people claim to be able to do lots of them but they don’t go down low enough for them to count.

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Not a fan, right now I’m probably at 25 before I collapse. I’m more of a weight lifting/ girl elliptical, stair machine, treadmill type personally.

Honestly I hate the smell of gyms (sweat and bo) and all the people so close to me, so I really want a home gym in my new place. Maybe get back into running, too, since this damnable heat should be breaking for fall/winter soon. I feel fat and I’m done with it, ugh.

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I do, can do 50 & repeat sets 4 times a day. Hard ones I bloody hate are “mountain climbers” they are highly irritating.

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I wouldn’t say that I enjoy them. But I feel shitty, when I don’t do them….

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I enjoy them when I’m in shape and can do them well. And I don’t enjoy them when I’m not in shape and can’t do them well.

I’ve been both of these.
Currently somewhere in the middle.

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Because of this Q I finished arms and abs night, only got 20 total, in two sets in. I’m dead. Now my entire body is sore, even with stretches. Feel the burn baby.

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^Do work yo!

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@MrGrimm Oh I am hardcore right now, I need something to focus on that makes me feel good, exercise does it for me. Plus no sex is tough lol

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Yeah. No sex, is rough. It’s amazing how good it can improve a person’s mental state.

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Partner push ups are fun.

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@Patty Melt Ooh la la!

@MrGrimm Yeah, boo.

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@KNOWITALL . I know several females, that can’t seem to be happy without a man. Even if it’s a shitty man. You’re going through a divorce, and that probably sucks. Take some time to work on yourself, and get yourself through this situation emotionally. Don’t just find any guy, and start a relationship with him. You’re a strong, and intelligent person.

Maybe you should try dating another female?... If you don’t like that, then go back to men…

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@MrGrimm Yeah, you’re right, brudda.

I know I dont need a man, I just enjoy men a lot.

Not attracted to ladies, sorry. Lol

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It was just a suggestion…

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I found me a play.guy about a year after my divorce. There was no way in hell that relationship could ever be serious so we just played for 10 years.
Then I met my Lawn Mower Man. Dang! It’s been 17 years!

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@Dutch Lawn Mower Man? Sounds like a fun story!

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You know I met Rick at a mower shop when I jacked up my mower!
The affect we had.on each other was powerful and instantaneous.

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@Dutchess I dont remember that but wow, lightning and thunder huh?! Very cool!

Dutchess_lll's avatar

Yeah. Oh yeah. When hev advanced on me on the parts mountian my heart stopped!
Then he pissed me off so I didn’t talk to him for 3 years.

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Well I never planned to see him again for the rest of my life.

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