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Is it possible to be neither handed?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (15340points) 3 weeks ago

Not left or right handed.
Humor welcome.

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My Grams was what they used to call ambidextrous. She could use BOTH hands with equal dexterity. She signed her name with her right hand & my Gramp’s name with her left hand. She’d use her right hand until it grew tired & then she’d switch over to her left hand to finish the project. I think that there’s only a small percentage of people who have this ability. It’s claimed to be only 1%. Supposedly 10% of the population is left handed, leaving 89% as right handed. Have you been blessed with the ability to use either hand equally???

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No. I am left handed. I can use both hands with sword and dagger fighting. From the SCA. Society for creative anacrosim.
I can’t write with my right hand.

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My grandfather was neither-handed. He tried to steal an apple in Dubai, twice.

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I’ve only ever had one friend who was ambidextrous so the percentage of the overall population is probably pretty low!!!

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I had a friend who stole something. He was caught red-handed.

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You could be ambidextrous or cross-dominant.

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Or you could just not have any hands.

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