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Underrated actor/actress?

Asked by SuperMouse (30793points) August 28th, 2008

Inspired by this question, I’m wondering: Who are some underrated actors or actresses? I just watched The Waterdance, and my first nomination would be for Wesley Snipes. Some others include Ron Eldard, Nathan Lane, and Jamie Lee Curtis.

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patricia clarkson

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I’ve been a fan of Clive Owen

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@ Big time Clive Owen

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Vincent D’Onofrio
Mark Ruffalo
Micheal Madsen
Toni Collette
Rachel Griffith
Clea DuVall

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Jim Carrey… in a drama

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@ chutterhanban – I second that

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another one I like but haven’t seen anything from her in a long while.

Janeane Garofalo

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@ ninjaxmarc – Nice one, I agree

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I really like her, too.

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Forest Whitaker. Excellent actor, great man.

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Tony Hale!!!

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@knotmyday, he’s great but i wouldn’t say he’s under rated since he’s won an oscar

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Michael Palin: Brazil, yes. But I think my fellow Python fans should see G.B.H. Or Ripping Yarns. Or The Missionary. Or American Friends. Or A Private Function. Or next year’s Don Quixote! Yes, Terry Gilliam’s going into production in January! Mike and Johnny Depp. Oh, ha’mercy! ::fans self::

Mark McKinney: Out of all the Kids In The Hall, he has the most raw acting talent. He’s a wonderful writer, too! I’ve seen him in other projects and I think he’s great. Didn’t mesh well on SNL; I don’t think the writers ‘got’ him on that show.

Jennifer Saunders: Seriously, if you can get a hold of an early 1980s series called Happy Families, do watch it! She played 5 different parts in it and was magnificent. Hugh Laurie’s in it, too!

S. Epatha Merkerson: She did Come Back, Little Sheba in NYC this year, and I was very surprised at her range, used to as I am only seeing her play the Lieutenant on L&O. Until recently I had no idea she was such a well-regarded performer in the industry, but the general public is unaware of what she’s capable of.

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Sissy Spacek that how it’s spelled?

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