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How did a squash related question (not mine) end up in the middle of my editing process?

Asked by flo (13313points) September 19th, 2019

All I did was scroll in the detail bar, and somehow the following in the background in grey was:
“Add depth: I have a small garden in Northern Vermont, and my summer squash have never grown well. What should I do?” Not that it makes a difference but I was editing my question about babies crying like they being tortured.

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Gonna guess you accidentally did a COPY PASTE.

I think this is something you should directly email the moderators about. What kind of answer are you expecting from a user?

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My guess you hit the hyperlink at the bottom of the page for “older Q’s” and control “C” !

Here’s the Q from the wayback machine

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You vex even produce. Even the root vegetables can take only so much!

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^^tee hee

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@Tropical_Willie Thanks for the link for the Squash question.. Clicking on the question would require an deliberate act, but doing CTRL C as well, accidentally? I can’t imagine all that could happen accidentally.

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Zucchini is everywhere at this time of the year.

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