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What is the purpose of the Delete Video feature on iPhone?

Asked by MarkHeftler (182points) July 30th, 2007

This is mainly focused on the iPhone, but also on any multimedia device which offers this option. If I'm out and about, and I watch a video on my iPhone, when finished I'm offered the option to delete the video. Really, this is nice, but what's the point of it? The chances of me getting a 700 MB email that I'll need to clear that space up for are pretty slim. On the other hand, the next time I'll need that space will be when I connect it to my computer, where it will then be deleted. Any ideas? I don't see any real practicality behind it.

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I think one of the main reasons that you see that offer being made is that much of the video that people watch on an iPod (and now on an iPhone) is Podcast video.. thus, it's clearing out the video that you've already seen to make room for new stuff.

Now.. as for why it does it when you're on the go: My guess is that Apple realizes that the option to have things automatically delete when you plug the phone (or pod) into the computer is an option that only some users uh.. utilize. :) Thus by asking whether or not the user wants to delete (after watching the video) is a good fall-back way of helping users keep their space cleaned up.

Especially on the iPhone.. where space is so much more limited than on an iPod, I think it makes sense for the phone to try to help keep space cleared.

and Lastly.. like you said, it's not likely that you'll get a big 700mb email.. but if you're almost full on your small amount of storage space on the iPhone.. you might get sent enough info of some kind (or want to download something) big enough that you would need to clear out the video...

anyway sry to yabber, but hope that sheds perspective.. :) :)

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also freed room for pictures you take

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Having more available space is supposed to make the iPhone more stable. I can see where having 700MB more virtual memory would be beneficial.

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the idea is that if you set iTunes to sync movies/tv shows based on unseen, most recent, or any other smart playlist, then it will grab the next video the next time you sync.

If you dont delete it through there, you will either need to manually manage which videos to sync through iTunes.

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It frees up room for pictures you take, any email attachments you download, and for content you download via the iTunes Wifi store.

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It’s included because generally speaking, people watch videos once- whereas music you listen to repeatedly. They give you the option of deleting video because they are anticipating a consumer need, even if you don’t think you need it. Most video playback devices are similar, for example Tivo does the same thing as soon as you’re done watching a recording.

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