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Where is the Fluther's squash question in the following Google search result?

Asked by flo (12480points) 3 weeks ago

“I have a small garden in Northern Vermont, and my summer squash have never grown well. What should I do?” Not that it makes a difference but I was editing my question about babies crying like they being tortured.” asked on Fluther in 2008, but where is it in Google search result?

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It doesn’t seem to be there but if you search Google or Safari for “fluther northern vermont squash” it will show right up.

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Hi flo, Is this the one you are looking for?

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But I put in the whole detail part of the question in Google. It is an exact quote.
I tried the title too, and it indicated that it found it (i.e it fills in the last word, when enter is clicked it is not there.
@Crowing yes that’s the one but why wouldn’t it show up in Google even without Fluther or any other additional keywords?

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Ok, problem solved I guess. I tried it with quotation marks and it’s there. I usually find things without the quotation marks.

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@flo idk, but Google search has been getting worse over the last 6 months or so. Sometimes I feel like I’m using a 2000 search engine lately. : )

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By the way that reminds me, the first search result doesn’t have a source, (sometimes?)

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