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What savory recipe with squash is your favorite?

Asked by rebbel (33251points) September 21st, 2019

Does it go with potatoes, with rice, with pasta?

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Butternut squash soup. I just started making it last Spring.

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Spaghetti squash with meatballs and marinara,

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Butternut Squash / Pecan Ice Cream is a top seller, though virtually all people buy it only once. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for a very good reason.

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Pumpkin pie.

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Thanks, @all.

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I’m not big on squash but my m-i-l makes a squash casserole that’s filled with cheese and it’s delicious

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Roast a cut up butternut squash with cut up parsnips and sweet potatoes.

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Squash casserole.

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Squash casserole. Boil squash and onions until all are tender; drain. Add a beaten egg, S&P, and a lot of cheese then bake.

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Sometimes, I use zucchini squash, and yellow squash. I like it… I cut them, in different ways, to make the texture different too…

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Breaded, fried zucchini.
It goes in my mouth.

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^^Wdlcome back!

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Yeah, welcome!

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