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What are your mornings like on days when you have no work, or anything to do?

Asked by jca2 (16446points) September 22nd, 2019

Do you have a morning routine for your “off-days?”

Do you have a leisurely morning, no routine or a high energy routine?

I’ll talk about mine later.

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Sleep, Fluther and YouTube and Amazon. Tv and radio news.

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I hang out, get a paper, go for a walk.

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Walk, coffee, cleaning, maybe football, yardwork, shopping for next week. Maybe meal prep if I’m good. Party sometimes.

Weekday, short walk, work, community events, Netflix, etc…whatevers going on. Adding extra exercise hour now, maybe at the hs track.

Always fluther. Smooches.

Ps I’m an annoyingly happy morning person. All my life.

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Peaceful mornings, enjoying breakfast and a nice hot cup of coffee, then decide on going outdoors and or doing my photo editing project for a Family book .
As I am retired i don’t have to be anywhere so I come and go and don’t have a routine as such and I like this laid back life..I like my retirement as I get to do the things that I want and not what is expected etc

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For me, on Saturdays and Sundays (and 12 holidays a year but who’s counting LOL), I will get up anywhere between 7 and 9, depending on how I slept. I will have multiple cups of coffee from the Keurig, and combine that with Facebook, Fluther, (back and forth between the two), maybe a little Instagram. I don’t schedule any appointments, like hair or car maintenance, for too early on weekends. I really enjoy just hanging out with the coffee, feeding cats, maybe loading the dishwasher or tidying the kitchen. I will allow myself that until noon, if possible, Then I tell myself it’s time to do something really productive or go out to run errands.

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I prefer “leisurely”. I listen to NPR for a bit, put on some tea, have some breakfast, then I might sit and read for a while in my chair by the window. If I’m running errands it will be closer to noon. I usually don’t go outside right in the morning, but closer to 11 or noon I will sometimes go for a bike ride.

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No one mentioned going to the bathroom! I get up, pee, check email and Fluther, go back to bed and maybe doze again for a bit. Get up between 8:30 and 9, wash and dress and go downstairs for tea and toast usually.

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What I do on my off days depends on what I’ve done on my on days plus what my home life needs to have done. Sometimes my work life and my home life flow together in perfect harmony. Other times it’s like they’re fighting each other. When the perfect balance between work and home are reached, I give myself a “me day” where I do pretty much nothing but take care of me. More often than not, I have home chores that really can’t wait until I feel like doing them, I do my best to rise early and get them out of the way so the rest of my day can be to cover my family’s needs.If I can get all that done in a timely manner, I take care of me for the rest of the day

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On those days, there are no mornings.

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Oh, the mornings are there but gone before you can enjoy them

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I only work part-time and from home, so I’m not sure my answer counts. Each day is a little different for me. Saturdays are the day that I almost never have anything in the morning.

I usually lay in bed for a while, watch some TV, maybe fluther or Facebook. Then I eat, I might check my work email. Sometimes I clean a little.

Eventually, I take a shower, it can be as late as noon before I take a shower. If I’m going somewhere that night I might not shower until 2:00. Sometimes I shower early, but I don’t wash my hair, and then later I shower again. I do that a lot of days. I did that today. I even had my make-up in from last night, it still looked really good, except some black under my eyes. I cleaned that up with a q-tip, showered, not letting the water on my face and hair, taught Zumba at 10:00am, then showered en-total afterwards.

About half the week I have a class or lecture around 10:00am. Other days it can be later. Saturday, I usually have nothing planned.

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One word. Declutter. : )

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I think going to the bathroom would be a given…

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Shower, breakfast, tea and telly, shopping, wechatting and possibly cycling. If the forecast is good I might take the bus into the mountains. Being retired I can please myself.

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@flutherother What do you do up there? Hike or ski or ? Sounds nice.

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Hiking mostly. I used to ski in the winter but no more.

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Depends, I usually sleep in till about 7:30 or 8, drink at least two cups of coffee on my patio and then get my day started.

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I’m sorry, what is this “days when you have no work” thing you speak of?

I work six days a week, but on Sundays, I’m still up at 5AM to take the dog out, do laundry, clean house. On a good Sunday, if my wife is not off studying, we’ll go out for breakfast after she wakes up around 8AM — so that’s really nice. We did that today. Then she was off to study for the day.

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@cookieman Buddy, time to make a change. Been there myself.

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@JLeslie: I usually don’t take a shower until I’m ready to go out. If I’m not going out until dinner time, I won’t take the shower until right before that. That way, I can clean the house or change cat litter or whatever and then the shower cleans all that dirt away.

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@jca2 It just depends how I feel when I wake up. How hot I was at night, etc. If I feel like I was sweaty at night I take that quick rinse off shower in the morning, and then the getting ready to go out shower at night. Some days it’s just the one.

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On hot days, I will usually take a second shower right before bed.

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Once in a while I do that. I’m all over the map with showering. No strict routine. When I used to work 5 days a week I always showered in the morning before leaving for work. I can’t tell you how glad I am I don’t have to do that early morning routine anymore. I hated it. It feels like punishment to me. I hated it every day. Working retail was a little better since I worked late a day or two each week, and also because I usually didn’t work more than 4 days in a row.

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I’m lucky because for the past 8 years, my start time is 9:30 which is early but not terribly early. Still, I have to get up, drink the coffee as fast as possible, and get in the shower. Lately, I walk out with jewelry in my pockets and my hair down, and I put the jewelry on at work and the hair up at work. If I had to be at work at 8 or even 9, it would be rougher.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me: Would be nice, but I’ve had roughly this schedule for a couple decades. It’s been worse, I worked seven days a week for about four years once. And, I have had a year or two with a more normal schedule. Someday, maybe.

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