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If you don't have the same skills as others, in other words, if every person on Earth has skills that nobody else has, doesn't that just mean you've put more effort into it than everyone else?

Asked by luigirovatti (1206points) 3 weeks ago

So, tell me, what’s your own uniqueness?

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Of course not. We all may share the same talents, but it is crystal clear that no 5 foot man is going to be in the starting lineup somewhere in the NBA.

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It just means that there is very little, if any, need of your skill.

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That’s just it? Do you really think that our unique skills of our life don’t turn out useful at least once?

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Everybody brings something to the table. We all have strengths and weaknesses. We can all learn something from others. I am very calm in tense situations. I use my mind to work through things before letting my emotions go.

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I am good at small talk.

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I’m good at leading people. A real rabble rowser lol

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Maybe only unto ourselves.

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I was born with the ability to understand numbers and how they work. Therefore math is easy for me. It took no effort on my part to get straight A’s in math (and most other subjects) in school.

When Yahoo answers came on line, I was one of the first Beta users and the top 50 leaderboard points in several countries. Ten years ago I was famous all over the world for my answers.

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It isn’t that my particular skills are unique, or that yours are unmatchable. It is the particular unique mix of skills and weaknesses that define me as an individual, and different from you.

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I feel my brain is more “loosely wired” than other people. That means I’m more disorganized and really struggle with certain tasks, but on the positive side, I seem to be able to make creative leaps/connections that most other classmates/friends/etc. cannot. So some people can go from A -> D -> J -> M, My brain seems to go from A -> H -> M. I hope that makes sense.

I’m not sure if this is a side effect of my Dyslexia. I know there are many creative dyslexics in history, but that could just be an unrepresentative, cherry-picked list.

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I can build just about anything, even when I was a pre-teen I was called to it. I can just see that sort of thing for some reason. I’m only ok with math. I was good enough to get through all the higher courses but not outstanding.

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If your skills were useful at all, more people would be doing the same, so they wouldn’t be unique.

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@kritiper Not, so, there is always a first, and many times an Only.

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